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Who would tell me apparently you know, he didn't trust me completely because he didn't tell me he found or in so. But I was hoping that he would if he did. So I was thinking he probably didn't have one on the plan that night, which it didn't really come across. But my plan was for everyone to vote for it because they'll be dumb plan because we had idol would work out. Well, and also, if you don't have a backup plan, it's not gonna on things we're going to go you want. So a plan was that night. And this is a little. Fused and saw trion summit up a second, and everyone to vote for rig except for Victoria. We're going to Victoria as a backup plan just throw Votto, Lauren. We're going Lauren as a backup plan to throw a vote on Victoria each would or would be told the throw a vote on the other person. And Ashley Aurora was the one who actually hatched that plan and on Aurora was like so headstrong too. That's what she wanted to do. And I was thinking. Hey, this isn't bad for me. Maybe that can sit back for voter to let other people make decisions that don't involve me, a kind of be quiet. Maybe I won't be seen as much of a threat. And so I was kind of going along with Mike surely student great. So the plan was it. If Rick did play an idol. It will be a three way tie between Aurora. One book from Rick and then Vic would get one book, Loren Loren. Get one book for big and Wigan to revote. And if we had revolted Victoria was going home. Wow. At. At that. Is this complicated 'em because then? Yeah. For brick doesn't play his idol then it's a very messy situation back at camp also. But if Rick no. Yeah. But it would have been messy. But it wouldn't have been bought me yells. Yeah. Rick, okay. Now when did you? Piece together what happened to you, because then because there's so much going on with Rick, where he's like he goes to play the advantage menu. And, and it doesn't work. And then he really, you know, lays into you in Julie in front of everybody about how what you guys trying to make me, look like in idiot in front of my kids and then plays the, the real idol and you and you apologize to Rick on the way out the door. But did you did you know that it, it wasn't Rick that had necessarily been involved in the votes against you at that point? Yeah. New Julian, both Manu written. But for me, Rick Rick is very loyal when Rick came back from extinction. He said I've seen now how horrible it is to book blowout law at that game anymore on a play honest game. And so under he minute. And so he when he said he was convoked for running was gonna vote for ROY Moore win. He did all the theatrical. Of yelling at me. I didn't really care because it's like you, you know, I'm a showy person but he like he Trump's by, like, gin volts if you wanna be show that I can accumulate the show. But and so when he was yelling at me is like, I think those probably a poor choice of, of what to say in the moment is, is not that serious. You wanna come or income in Billund? Don't bring in that. I'm trying to embarrass you in front of your kids because that wasn't what was going on there. But on as you saw once the boat started to be read in my name came up. I kind of felt it was going to happen answer new as Aumont goblin names coming next. And then I knew it. And so I wanted to know who did it and I already figured it out. But I turned to look at Gavin and Gavin went look at me. He was kinda like Weasley sky looking away, as or make contact with minutes has been who did it right there. And I looked at Aurora and she wouldn't look at me, and I was like, okay assay..

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