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In which is going to cancel whereas that mentality. There's a big difference between the two. Well there is. I mean i think obviously as the later of this of this organization The mission of the organization is the most important thing. Well that's that's why. I was gonna getting too which is Like say having a greater purpose or a large mission or having a goal set in design. I having that in mind as you were mentioning. That i was thinking. Why would i do that. Where i know like the option. There is to cancel things and you know and people might take that road to take the easy way out for any see she situation or changed gyms but yeah immediately. I thought it's probably because. I know there's a big owens like. There's no way this is going to be that way. Because we got other things to shave. Or i've got personally i've got you know. I want to continue this growing and delivering that servicing getting the coaches upskilled and having that attitude too and realizing everything that we wanna do with jungle alliance and stuff so Yeah that helps. Yeah i mean it's You would say like it just doesn't even anti-mine does it. None another show goes on cool. What i need to show goes on. That's kind of a way of putting it because that's also relevant to the film industry stuff. The show must go on. Dude i think back to one one pivotal moment in the film industry Which was on a job. We're on together so we're working in new zealand. We're on chronicles of noneya. The law and the witch and the wardrobe. We'd been shooting on a good few months. And we had we were shooting downing cross Cross church What will i ninety minutes out of town. Two hours out of town shooting on this mountain top and we spoke about this on the last episode That the mountain was we had to the whole crew..

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