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That we think your dog jackie evancho janko bell kinship camp campaign supporting let's get you this is the s west la democratic club annual barbecue which was held on sunday and attending along with other political hacks state senator josh newman elie councilman my bonded these two guys were both in the same place at one hundred people showed up to hear them speak in and they didn't ignore what we're organizing against them thanks to the listeners obviously a recall josh newman well emotion and maybe a recall a bonded down the road over taken away lanes so now we move to mike bonded we just played the josh newman audio we got and if you just to din newman was thanking jokingly bahnen for taking some of the heat off of him or recall efforts a bit of big story on the show but newman talked about three hours a day but now that they got anger over your traffic ling reductions mike your get some of the rancour thanks so here's bonded and talking about the newman recall when i heard that josh was threatened and that the twothirds majority in the legislature and our ability to get done in sacramento was threatened i said how can i stay up a step up and take some heat off so so i am proud to stand with with with by brother josh here as being the other recall target for john and ken and outright radio all right up there friend i've got unholy alliance of outright shock jocks supporters disgruntled supporters of my opponents that i vanquished in march and some disgruntled me just stop for a moment it i want to take this moment to tell everybody that the website recall barnen dot com is run by a guy the calls himself a birdie croat he's had two birdies sanders guy he's a bernie pretty far from all right but thanks bonding for paying attention to that bonn in is a bone ed it's a bernie sanders guy running the recalls is alexis edelstein we met him at the shack a week ago i got his business card now is busy burns you'll crowd birdie croat so we certainly don't have a lot of common with him.

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