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Deal. That would have been a last time. That's true. That's true, but he was a harder route. So I give you even more credit, so. Oh, my God. And that I'm related to Kevin Bacon by 6°. So you definitely did around the mountain there instead of through it. So I actually don't have a problem with this twist this time. Oh my God. It was a long week for survivor fans because we had all been teased that there was going to be a big twist and there were a lot of spoiler alerts out there that it was going to be the worst thing ever to happen on survivor and I'm like, oh my God, as bad as this season's been, I can't even imagine what it's going to be. And then when I watched it and they explained it and I'm like, you know what? Not a fan of it, but I don't think it's a big deal because everybody had an opportunity to participate if they wanted to. And so there was a choice to participate or not and you had a base hit on just kept talking about your place in the game. But I think it was also on how well you thought you could handle that little balance thing. And then even after that, you still had opportunity the person that ended up getting voted out had an opportunity to protect himself or herself. I'm not trying to spoil anything here. With some of the other 97s with the throne in the game. So I actually didn't have too much of a problem with it. All right, well that's good. Like I said, if everyone has the opportunity, that's one thing, but you know, when someone just randomly, 'cause it's funny, I woke up this morning to like three stories in my news feed of people just absolutely saying this is it. I'm done with survivor or this is ridiculous and survivor was good because people survived on their own merits. There weren't immunity idols like they introduced in 2013 hidden ones. And so everyone was just ripping mad about this was like the final straw for a lot of people. It was just and here's a tie into poker as well too. We'll talk about this a little bit more and then later in the show too. You know, if you were a poker purist, you want to watch unadulterated poker on television, right? You don't want the cutout 44 minute plus commercials. ESPN thing, right? Right. Or the wpt. That all worked to make poker as big as it is because it brought in people who are poker periods, right? Right. So there is a place for it, not saying that. But if you're a poker purist, you just want to watch that 8 hour long tournament. Without any cuts and just watch it, right? So and I think that's what the problem is this year is you get survivor purists like me, they Bloomberg's co host is fantastic, by the way, much smarter than David Bloomberg is. We're just like, we're not getting to see enough of the actual gameplay. And it comes a week after one of the best episodes ever. When it was all gameplay and people talking and the carnival games and stuff so I think that's it. So you know again it's that proverbial who you're trying to appeal to in season 41 that people have been with you forever and who are probably dwindling. Or are you trying to reinvent some excitement to get more people in to keep the show going? And this will get to one of the items that are coming up after the next item and it's sort of similar where mainstream poker and stuff like that and do you want any more do you want? So this is very similar to that argument. So we'll continue with that in a minute. But I just thought it was interesting that the money all problem came up, and I always think of 21, I think of, you know, I just think of that movie as proving that there are games that they think are luck, but they're actually skill. And that's why poker and all that. And then, of course, that guy who started the whole MIT slash Harvard team or whatever blackjack team was at your table at the World Series you didn't even know it. So good opportunity to make fun of you one last time. Kim a space he was on my table, I would have known, but so here's the thing I haven't seen 21. I have no idea what you're talking about. So now I'm going to have to go research it, which is exciting. I'm going to learn something later today. Oh, man. That's pretty good movie. It was pretty fun. Yeah. Yeah, you should watch it. All right, as he often does Daniel nagra, who finished third in this year's World Series. The player of the year race has detailed his financials from this year's series. Kid poker catched in 18 of the 55 of NC entered waiting 1,451,797.68, but after deducting the 1 million 52,773 thousand I messed that up big time. It's not looking with a profit or $399,024 and 68 cents or a 37.9% return on an investment just slightly better than what you could do with crypto and Robinhood. This one was of course don't include what he wrote backers, which he also detailed in his post or any non buying cost playing cards such as food. So this is very interesting because one of the things that when you first jumps out is raw numbers, you think, holy cow, he committed a million point 5 almost .05 to entering events. But it's not really necessarily true. If he had success early on in one of $400,000 payout, he may have said, okay, now I'll enter 5 more events. So there's no real way to know how many a lot of people have a budget. And they say, okay, we're going to enter this, but if I win this, we'll enter more. Some people do that. Some people don't have those stipulations on there. So there's no real way of doing it. But it's a fantastic return on his investment. You know, 38% for a month's work. You know, that's massive. I mean, just think about it. If there's 30 days in a month, I mean, it's crazy how much is daily income would have been. So pretty phenomenal. But at the same time, it's scary to think that he paid a $1 million in buy ins, you know? Crazy. Yeah, so a couple things here. I mean, he made as much as the president of the United States makes me a year in a few months. So that's pretty cool. To me, again, without doing the math until you see the 37.9% return on my wow, that is a hard way of making it easy living, which is what we've always said about being a program now, right? All the success and he only stay at home 400,000 and I think again, I think believe this before backers. And like that just doesn't seem worth it. I know. Now, obviously he's a pro so he played 55 events or 80, I think 89 events. More of a kind of the online ones, I think. So that's pretty healthy schedule there. And I'm sure there was some weekend warrior like us that flew out there and played one $500 by an event one and who has a nauseating return on investment right, right? Because they want to play the one event and did really well with it. So, but when this is your business, I mean, you have to play. You mean I have my 55 events. I think Josh aria just posted his stuff to you. I think he played 37 events if I read it correctly. Somewhere in the 30s. So and they're going to play a good 20 events more than he did. And still come up short to the player of the year race. So the other thing is just how exhausting that is. Yes. And really, I don't think if people are listening and not playing any World Series events, I don't think you realize how exhausting it is. Obviously, hopefully you make part of the united but even making it past the dinner break like you did, it could be exhausting. But especially if it's two day events though. And don't even get started on the main event, which is super cool. To even fathom playing 55 events..

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