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Peyton Manning can tell you, it can go away quickly. You can just snap your fingers and you don't have it anymore. So I think that that's a big part of it too. And yeah, I see a lot of people in the chat talking about some of the reports walking this back. Tom Brady, Adam schaefer and Jeff Darlington are not throwing out there that Tom Brady's retiring without a 100% certainty that Tom Brady is retiring. What's happening right now is that Tom Brady is peeved that he didn't get to control the narrative. 100%. He wanted to make the announcement on his own. He didn't want to get caught up in Adam Schefter and all these types of things that being leaked. So he's walking it back now so that tomorrow or later tonight, they can release a statement via TB 12 somewhere saying that he's retiring from the right from the horse's mouth. And a lot of ways, look, I'm a reporter. If I had to scoop that Tom Brady, was officially sure not to. I would have ran with it too. So I get Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington's perspective on it. They're doing their jobs. But in a lot of ways, I do feel like when it's a player of Tom Brady's caliber, he's maybe be differential. Yeah. He's kind of earned the right to announce the retirement on his own. And if you're Adam Schefter, do you really need the scoop like do you really need to break this news? I think you've broken enough news in your professional career. Again, I'm to defend it. I bet you he bought it. I bet he thought if I don't do it someone else will have it in ten seconds. So yeah, I would do it out there. I would not have hesitated if I had you on good faith that he was retiring. I would have said, said it as well. So I'm not, you know, I get it. Trust me, I get it. But in terms of these reports, Donny coming out and saying that the reports basically jumped the gun..

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