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Live boxing for the second time this week as five live foxing with costello advance weeping a final press conference francini joshua against joseph parker the fight coming up at the principality stadium in cardiff on saturday evening both main looking in familiar relaxed guys even on this evidence yet again we're wondering what it takes to unsettle one of these these two guys so relaxed so smiley event tastic condition i felt that they will route we've been focused anybody seems to be focusing at sky center on how slim apocalypse didn't you the jochen look slim as well then you the justice positively glowing to men mike and absent why are they so relaxed it's close to a fun i don't think i've seen that already and inevitable they'll give you this on friday i was with parka well i think he's lost a bit of extra white since friday now eight days before world heavyweight title fight for for books to lose weight that suggest two things the sewing room which there's no oh it's all part of some grand plan and once becoming a common theme in the build up to joshua feis they've is the absence of any real kind of aggravation any tunes insults he's ready to dip into that reservoir of nastiness which he has and he admits to having and we know from his policy echoed outside the ring that he has that capability but we sort this time lost you and we heard it when he was building to the klitschko fight again against carlos tack and coober pool if he wasn't entertaining any kind of incendiary comments or or any kind of as aggravation in the buildup to the fight he won't he won't have a won't be involved in any way shape or form and i'd like to have seen just something but in the same time did i expect something no of course it didn't expects i i'm i'm looking for different things i'm looking to see if park glasses across i'm looking to see if joshua glosses.

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