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Twenty seven degrees here in Boston bright sunshine and thirty five degrees at eight oh five the governors of Massachusetts Maine and Rhode Island and to pledge to implement new regulations to reduce the use of certain cooling chemicals it's a move to combat climate change WBZ's Madison Rogers with us this morning medicine morning Charlie the industrial chemicals being targeted or called hydro fluorocarbons are HSCs are primarily used in cooling and refrigeration systems the potent greenhouse gases that many environmental activists have sought to limit now governor Charlie Baker Gina Raymondo in Janet mills have all said they planned to file legislation aiming to curb the use of HFC is the Baker administration announced their plot plan this past week which would ban HSCs entirely in Massachusetts saying they impact the climate and many times the rate of carbon dioxide there are now sixteen states nationwide planning to limit or ban the use of these chemicals Madison Rogers WBZ Boston news radio organizers of the pro police back the blue rally largely outnumbered by counter protesters in Boston yesterday the leaders of super happy fun America said the rally was about thanking police for arresting counter protesters at the straight pride parade back in the summer while also supporting the deployment of ice agents in the city Sam Senate right choppy as an organizer and explains the group's reasoning for the event we appreciate immigrants.

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