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KCBS six day forecast reads as follows rainy and windy this afternoon. We're certainly seeing both components there as we move our way through the afternoon. The possibility of a thunder shower or two a temperatures mostly in the fifties right now showers and a slight chance of some thundershowers. Overnight. Winds will continue to be whip up pretty darn strong here up to about thirty miles per hour in the overnight hours. Temperatures in the upper forty s tomorrow for your Christmas day, sunny breezy, but dry our temperatures again tomorrow in the upper fifties Wednesday Thursday, Friday, Saturday, partly cloudy becoming sunny and clear toward the end of the week. But the temperatures all the way along will remain mostly in the fifties with our overnight lows dropping into the upper forties. The long range. Forecasting calls for the next chance of rain on Sunday. Traffic and weather together on the it's on all news, six nine and AM seven forty KCBS. It's twenty one. Well, the holidays can be a hard time for those who feel alone or helpless, but there are people sitting by the phone in San Francisco waiting to help. Peter Murphy is with the mental Health Association of San Francisco, which is staffing. It's warm line this afternoon and tomorrow, and he joins us live now on the KCBS ring central Newsline. Well, Peter, thanks for making some time for us. And thanks for all the great work. You folks are doing. Oh, thanks you. Just thanks for giving us a chance to talk to you. And to talk to your listeners. I really appreciate it. Well, let's talk about this concept of a warm lie. This is not a crisis line. This is something different talk about that..

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