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Mason and Ethan already there was a run. Remember? There was one. Everything ended. And Ethan Mason, Jason Racing. It was a top 10 most popular girl's name's, Olivia, Emma, Eva Sofia, Isabella Charlotte, Amelia Mia. Harper and Evelyn, Those you're tempted. Yeah, that's a weird one of the soul of yours then, eh? So if you were thinking about naming you were stuck, maybe the one of those helps and goes. Okay. I like that. Or maybe you're like, Let's avoid those either way. Now what baby named you think dropped in popularity this year. It is a girl's name. If I had a baby, give it away. Okay, Just the fact that you said it's a crass, no idea. It was the girl's name. This is the last thing you don't want any more yelling at 20. No idea. Karen. Oh, yes, Popularity first off. You don't say. I don't think I've ever wanted to a seven year old girl. What's your name? Karen? Well, there's some Karen's listening who are very offended right now. So well, they're like 30. Probably Eso. Karen is Thesixty 160th most popular baby name four girls in the in the in the United States if that's its lowest ranking. Since the year 1929. So in 1965, Karen was the third most popular name for girls. It just it comes and goes as he does wave has to be Karin's time. And right now it's not Karen's time. My baby's name is not on that list. You're going todo, unique. Oh, that's right. Your baby's got about there. We don't know what the new baby way. No, it's a Boy, So it's another boy. It's okay. It's okay. Okay. Wary of Kobe. It won't be Kevin or Kelly or Kyle. Kyle. Junior. Know, PJ? Nope. Or Kenny or Kirby, turn turtles. Sorry, tortoises. All right. Um All right. So there you are. You gonna tell if you don't know it's kind of fun keeping it a secret. You will one day like holding it over people. Yeah, I know what it is that you do when we come back. Next update on that really Wonka Candy factory giveaway that now is kind of turning out to be a bit of us of a sham. We'll talk about that. Plus, the next versus battle is going old school like really old school theme voted.

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