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So so that's the end of that. Oh let's not least this could be for you question is. Have you been watching Stephen University. HR sure you discussed. This has no right being so oh good. Rebecca my word. It's so good it's so good and saving it for after Wednesday is my last working day of the year so I was saving it for when I could just sit and catch up on everything but yes and I bought this season on Amazon. Like a couple maybe night or two ago and just watched everything up to where we are. Now it is that show has no business being so excellent and I know I feel like Rebecca sugar posted. I don't uh-huh food vulture. Somebody was like an article in best shows of the decade. Or something and Stephen universals match. At least there are some critics out there that recognize it but I really really. It's under rated. Yeah it was either felt like best theme songs. Even 'cause Stephen University of song is great different now uh-huh oh okay. Well it was something like that where it was like. More people should be acknowledging this and I feel like it. Does it like it gets a lot of props. But it's not really mainstream. If that makes sense I just have not seen an animated show outside of Japan like Japanese animation. I don't I don't really know of many that that really like that. Really explorer such such deep subjects and topics near in such beautiful is the way. The animation is already excellent drying animation. All of that is great. The characters are great the fight scenes. It really reminds me of an animates to be honest with you. There's transformations and fusions and epic fights and power and stuff like that but the way that it addresses like family love. They're really really getting into like baggage right now and trauma fair be. Stephen is still trying so desperately separately to fix everybody else's problems Especially now that all of these gems living on beach city. They're trying to figure their own shit out He's trying to fix everybody Dell's problems and he's kind of being confronted with the fact they lag. Nigga you need to worry about you live it and fix yourself. Yeah God pink diamond. It was horrible like say like she. Pink was Sh- I mean she was a diamonds also new tyranny. You know but in her quest to be unlike man see fucks. A lot of people are like a lot of people and the writing on the Soza so good for where even the way that it treats like that like family relationship and the fact that this character is not in the show. And it's still such a fully dimensioned character actor and Steven Universe is so good. If you've had all been interested. Please please go and look at it and Steven Universe Future. I mean they've already laid all this groundwork so it doesn't it doesn't take as long to really jump into some Mike. Arc's I guess I don't know but It still has this knack for starting episodes oth- about any random thing that seems very like unassuming and basic and then by the end of of the eleven twelve minutes. There's like a big new plot change or something to happen. Yeah they did that all the time like all the time. It would be disavowed. Isn't they. Try to find an ice cream. Mm Sandwich and then oldest any finds out he has a new superpower or somebody has died or somebody comes to the planet. And it's like I'm GonNa Kill Y'all so here it's still does. I think it will start off about any basic thing. And then you learn something brand new or you need a new character. Or whatever and other potential for fusions is crazy the Steven Universe is a fantastic it is animated. Show it is. I feel like a lot of people may not give it a chance. Because it's more of a family show like I feel like it deserves to be talked about in the way that like a rick and Morty r. e. like because Rick and Morty is actually really really really well written as well especially in the way that it deals with family also but it's kind of like rigging married Rick and Morty is telling this really deep an interesting story about family and you don't even really realize that it's doing it until it's been doing but that show was also very heavily centered around Nansen Jason and like toilet humor so you either like or you don't because it's very clearly an adult show. I feel like it gets more like recognition just across the board because even kids love Rick and Morty just because it's not like a quote unquote kids show whereas Stephen Universes for like family like anybody anybody of any age could probably watch it but it just does a lot of good. I feel like it's it tells really great story and now Stephen is like sixteen and like trying figuring shit man. It's just so good. I was catching up last night and I was high and in our life. Wow this is a fucking good program. Oh Graham it makes you feel good and it tells a great story and the transformations are excellent. And now the setting that kind of opens opens up all kinds of possibilities for other forms of Stephen like video games. I know that they just released like another sequel to that game. Oh the attack the light game I think it was the first one and then I think the second one was saved the lifestyle. Yeah now the on call unleashed the light which is on mobile. Aw I really want somebody to tell me if that's GonNa make it onto the Nintendo switch or not because if it is going to be on the switch outweight if not I wanNA play it. Now because it has all of the new fusions and like Lapis Lapis playable and stuff like that but I just it's it is good that show it just has no business being as good as it is is really Philippoussis versus fantastic and more people need to be watching. Mega is a genius. Just fucking no sense brilliant individual. It's fine and a stale. So yes the hoke has. It's so good it's so good. Please watch even university. We have at all for you. That's fine who've had all been kind of interested. I definitely thank. You should check it out. It's not from the beginning catch up to where we're at right now. Washed the movie to all of that stuff. It's therapeutic.

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