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Yeah you know so i'm saying well even if you do get traded you know at least you know you make them pay for but in this instance it was a little different because when whitey came out he didn't know whitey herzog came out he had no idea that i had a no trade clause because it was unheard of for three or four year player to have no trade but anyway he got back to saint louis and he realized that that that was kind of a stumbling block because for me certainly playing in san diego and now come in the site lewis and it was the winter on so on yeah i'm going from sunshine eighty degrees yeah so you know in the back of my mind i'm thinking that well you know if i do go i at least i'm going to place where i'm wanted right true in everybody wants to be in a place where they're wanted and for all of us you know there's always questions we even question ourselves as to whether or not we as good as we think we are all do it all the time in comedy all the time you know so we're no difference as players you know how how how good i'ma and been getting the opportunity to come over here and play for an organization that was rich in tradition but cardinals were and being a player that was highly sought after once the once this deal was consummated let me back up here a little bit once this deal was consummated in the way that the deal was consummated is that once he found out that i have no trade clause in my contract he said.

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