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I'm Scott Goldberg, national weather officials now say the deadly tornado that sworn to Alabama last night was a powerful e f four with winds up to one hundred seventy miles an hour. Three children are among the dead in rural Lee county. Dozens more missing governor Kay Ivey. I've got your back. We will do everything is now Powell. Yup. The citizens of Lee Kelly recover officials now say possibly two tornadoes hit the area one of those nearly a mile wide and twenty four miles long. President Trump says FEMA is providing assistance the president also says he's working with lawmakers in a new wide ranging investigation. President Trump vows to operate with House Democrats, but remains adamant that their latest investigation into possible. Obstruction of Justice is a political game all the time with everybody. Thanks sweeping probe launched by House Judiciary committee, chairman Jerry, Nadler is looking into all aspects of the president's business his organization and his administration, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news, Capitol Hill. Three other house. Committees are asking the Trump administration for records about private conversations between the president and Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. The requests include an interview with an interpreter who sat with the two men at the Helsinki summit last summer. Minnesota wants one hundred percent of its electricity to come from clean energy sources by the year, twenty fifty governor Tim walls. The proposal were announcing today would put us at the forefront of addressing climate change. We will pioneer the green energy economy, creating new jobs or protecting our planet for generations to come calling climate change in existential threat wall says if Washington was won't lead his state will former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is throwing his hat in the ring for twenty twenty telling ABC news, he can bring both sides together. Hickenlooper is the. Eighteen democratic candidate to announce a presidential run. The Dow lost two hundred points today. You're listening to ABC news. Stay.

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