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Lawsuit that aims to throw out the affordable Care Act made a stop in Phoenix today said house minority leader Charlene Fernandez spoke at the event this morning the one thing the Arizona desert the thing above most is that when their children get sick when they get sick they are able to go to the hospital she says the affordable Care Act does need some changes but that it should be thrown out entirely Arizona is part of a twenty state coalition that filed a lawsuit arguing the affordable Care Act is unconstitutional right after victims and family members of the el Paso mass shooting get services and resources of the county attorney bill Montgomery says local state federal and international authorities must coordinate the prosecutorial response to ensure that the investigation is this hello complete objectives and quick as possible and sometimes those interests can be competing because you have to build a constitutionally sound case number tells errors on his morning news Mexican nationals were among the twenty two dead and twenty six injured in that shooting the suspected shooter is in custody and the FBI has entered into the investigation into the Dayton Ohio mass shooting citing the government's interest in violent ideology the head of the F. B. I.'s Cincinnati field office says investigators will try to determine what ideologies influence the twenty four year old shooter as well as who might have helped him and why he chose the entertainment district as his target date is police chief says the gunman had expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting and the investigation into that shooting at the annual garlic festival in Gilroy California has taken a new turn federal law enforcement is expanding the investigation into the shooter and background that led to that attack the FBI announcing its opening a full domestic terror investigation into the garlic festival shooting in California we have seen a fractured ideology the shooter appear to have an interest in varying competing violent ideologies San Francisco special agent in charge John Bennett says federal investigators don't have a motive yet but found evidence the alleged gunman had a target lists and Tino llegan the alleged shooter shot by officers on scene and autopsy report determined llegan died by a self inflicted gunshot wound Michelle Franzen ABC news time to see how the traffic.

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