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Measles have been confirmed in New York City since October some transit workers are protesting the impending L train partial shutdown this morning citing concerns over potential wrists. Their health WNYC shumita Basu at the Bedford avenue. Stop in Williamsburg, where several workers of just been asked by police to leave the turnstile area and she joins us now. Hi, sha. Meet up. I richard. That's right. So you spoken to some of the workers. What are you hearing from them? I have this action is not sanctioned by the transit workers union. But it was organized by coalition of workers calling themselves transit workers for social Justice. They're here they're passing out. Flyers outlining the health risks of the new L train construction plan and calling attention to the fact that third party a third independent party has not independently vetted safety concerns related to that plan. So we're trying to raise awareness for that safety concerns for workers. But also for writers. What are some of these health concerns that they have their concerned about the levels of show could particles that will remain in the air while work is happening. And also on the Monday mornings after weekend work is is cleared out there concerned that there might be still enough particles in the air that would travel through the tunnel, and then potentially being stations and endanger the safety of writers. And she just finally how many workers were there that were asked to leave this morning. About five or six people here. A lot of them are trainer operators themselves. All right WNYC's shimmied about sue reporting. Live for us this morning at the Bedford avenue subway. Stop in Brooklyn. Thanks to mostly sunny skies expected today. Highs near sixty degrees with north westerly breezes. It'll be clear tonight lows around forty with.

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