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59 degrees in Eldorado Hills, 39 degrees in South Lake Tahoe, 57 in Sacramento. With stories now trending on the KFBK Morning News, the fourth of July weekend has been altered dramatically over the past 24 hours. In California, scores of businesses will be shut down. Alcohol will be banned on parts of the American River from Friday Until Sunday in Sacramento from Hazel Avenue, the Watt Avenue parking fees will be increased over the weekend and firm or on changes in Lake Tahoe. Here's kfbk sneak among guys. Lake Tahoe officials are making changes to mitigate the spread of the Corona virus ahead of the holiday weekend. The parade and fireworks show for the Fourth of July are canceled, but officials still expect the basin to be packed. Some changes include alcohol bands in certain areas. And the closure of the visitor center and some public restrooms. The U. S Forest Service reminds visitors to wear masks, practice social distancing and leave the fireworks at home. Nick a. Magus News, 93.1 can begin. A new survey by the American Hotel and Lodging Association shows a big drop in travel plans this upcoming weekend. Mike Testa, with visit Sacramento, says hotel and lodging occupancy has dropped by 90% in California since the pandemic began interacting Obviously the hotels but put the surrounding businesses as well. So, um, you know that the impact has been significant, Testes says in state and local travel is still being encouraged. I don't think you need to leave your city T get a break in to take a vacation. Obviously, we've been talking a lot about Staycations in this market. The survey found that only 44% of Americans are planning an overnight vacation or leisure travel in 2020 when usually about 70% take a vacation in any given year. Amount of City Council members had their homes vandalized with red paint, and they were targeted with fireworks there. Councilman Jason Ear from the Curtis Park in Oak Park neighborhoods, and Northman, Thomas. Councilwoman Anjali Cash In early June, The statue of John Sutter outside Sutter Memorial in downtown Sacramento was doused with red paint. This that you was eventually removed coming up in about the next 15 minutes. We're going to hear from Jason ear in his words, what he experienced and how concerned are they about being targeted? That's coming up just a little bit later on In this half hour, California has sent out million's in Corona virus aid to thousands of undocumented workers. Caffee Kay's Jensen, Raeder reports. Did, officials announced. California has approved over 100,000 applications as part of the disaster relief fund announced by Governor Newsome back in April. So far, the program has distributed over $40 million of the $125 million fund. Tuesday was the deadline to apply for a one time payment of $500 per person, or $1500 per household. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK So it was about this time yesterday, Cristina that they started kicking him out of Capitol Hill in Seattle. So they cleared it out. They went in at 5 a.m. Yesterday said, You have eight minutes, all of you out, and they made 13 arrests in the 1st 2 hours. It is the topic of our featured audio clip this hour, and we're going to broaden this out, not only for this hour, but we're next door at 705 and we'll explain that in just a second, but police in Seattle have cleared the protestors out of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. That they had taken over and they had occupied. Police moved in. It was five o'clock yesterday morning, They told the protesters have to leave immediately. And then they took control of the city streets to protesters who were kicked out make up our featured audio clip this hour. Now here's what they told a Reuters news crew. She's trying to find out what he's trying to find a phone. Have a child and I hate the gob. Why don't.

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