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Our next story little new couple news. Lily rose depp. In austin butler were caught in a lip lock out. In london. Johnny depp daughter with motto vanessa parody was sweet napped over the weekend we were. She was snapped over the logan johnny depp daughter with the model. It was a weird way which which model vanessa parody. That's the that's leverage versus mom. Oh that's so funny. I don't know why like at all. I have no explanation for this. Like why i just assumed that. Lily rose depths. Mom was kate moss like i. They look alike. Nato could like no proof. An action never really sat down and thought about just new famous kid. Yeah and then like depp. Oh yeah johnny. Depp she does. That's came off and she's like really up and coming model and the shows in london for sure thought. Her mom was kate was. That's funny kate. Moss yeah you learn something new every day but her mom's nobody's you're saying she's a model maybe in her day. I'm unfamiliar with her work. She was snapped over the weekend. Locked in an embrace with the switched at birth actor austin butler in london following dinner. Date for those of you. Don't know austin butler. He how dare you. He's ex of vanessa. Hudgens data for such a long time. That was a lot to digest. And he's from the carrie diaries. He played the love interest. And he's just like a great actor and also just got cast in that elvis by the job a million girls wanted he beat out harry. Sky tiles ansel elgort and miles teller for the role of elvis presley in like this basil lerman bio-pic. That's coming out whenever and he's so handsome and he's always blonde but then he went brown. And then you could really see him as elvis and he's a big star. I'm just like actually a really big austin butler fan mostly. Because i loved the carrie diaries like. I thought they were such an underrated. Show right it was like a prequel. Tv show about sex and the city. Anisa fear rob played carey in high school so he was also in once upon a time in hollywood like one day. Awesome butler is going to be a name. We don't have to explain so so honestly when him in the nasa huggins broke. I just kind of want to take you through my journey. Vanessa and i was like devastated because i thought these were true. Ot i thought they were really well matched. i thought that there was so much proof and how long they've been together and they were. They weren't thirsty. They were just like a good couple. Solid and i was devastated when they broke up. And then after they broke up. Like vanessa an just like really went downhill like making really bad decisions like that weird video that she made. She was the first person. I cancelled during kobe. And then i just feel like she just dropped the ball on her career in a lot of ways. And i was like you know what i think. Maybe they're breaking up was the best thing for us about because he has a really big bright future ahead of him and now him being with lily rose kate moss's daughter. I think this is so sick. Like so great. I'm thrilled. that's my personal journey with this story..

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