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Your seat is before you buy it can't believe I'm going to say, this your genius. Well, you welcome. I kind of am we're on the earn ten minutes. Maybe we should get that Kleenex out of your nose. Caught off side with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. Benny. Senate. Spurs scores players. They will look into the touchline. But there's no messy. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Just what you think he's done everything he comes out with something even special. Yes. Caught offside from the Upper West side of Manhattan, Andrew gumming, JJ Advani. What's up, brother? I'm fine. What are you eating mcchicken sandwich? Eating my feelings. I see people people said to be okay with it. You might have. I join you actually have piece a cold pizza here from I feel like after the Champions League week. We've had it's quite okay. Yeah. Is like an audio muck bang for people don't know what that is in. So Korea people on the internet eat food in front of the camera on stream it and millions of people watch it, and these guys are like YouTube stars just a couple of guys aiding their feelings. Yep. That's us right now. So if you'd like to contribute to our patriot. What does show we have coming up for you? Despite the fact that you and I probably don't feel much like talking about our respective Champions League games. We will. And we will do so very professionally. We'll be unbiased we'd be eating. We will stop eating because obviously people I think it drives people nuts to hear people eating on radio or Nestor into that ASMAR thing. That's the thing. Sends people will like while. There might be some people right now can't contain themselves. So who knows do you think for road think for air purposes? Some people listen to us. No because we don't whisper into the Mike. No one wants that. Don't do it. Honestly, it's it's gonna weird me out. Let's see the wind will whisper his name tonight. Have a we'll go through the Champions League games. We have a big mail bag that I saw you put together here with some questions that I'm I'm I'm curious about. A big what to watch for Mike? You created a monster too much? Honestly for the the the number of Premier League games that I put there. I'm just going to listen than when you have something. We'll just stop because there's so many, you know, we on as or focused on Saturday evening in the north town of of MLS and a red card man of the match that I think will intrigue people. Oh, I think so. Yeah. Domestic affairs. Yes. MLS based red card met of the match. And then also I do want to say that Eka Casillas he will come up later in the show as well. Because there were some scary news earlier today, but it appears as of now that he's gonna be okay. But we'll mention that in a little more depth later on in the program too. But JJ we start with this..

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