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Out there right now again, most of us around that 80 degree mark what 79 in Washington, Baltimore at 82 Amid Leesburg at 81. Lawrence forecast is brought to you by new look home design right now, say 50% on all roofing materials. W T O P at 10 21 Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will sign a first of its Kind Voting Rights Act in the state. Today. The Voting Rights Act of Virginia provides protection against voter discrimination and allows voters to sue for voter suppression. The bill sponsor delegate Marcia Price of Newport News says the attorney general will set up an office that will handle those complaints and investigations and will have the power to prosecute or sue should there be voter suppression. The bill also sets up a voter education. And outreach fund. Well, this morning is the first morning commute over the new Frederick Douglass Bridge in D. C W T. O P s Neil Augenstein has driven it to see what you can expect. If you're coming across the Frederick Douglass Bridge from 2 95 War Suitland Parkway. Temporary signs will get you to the bridge. And hundreds of traffic barrels will keep you in the right lane. There are traffic circles at both ends of the bridge, which helps keep traffic moving. It's three lanes of smooth new road surface in either direction as you drive through the arches of the bridge. Heads up. There will be more nighttime work on the bridge for the next two weeks on South Capital screen, the log didn't steam wtl P news When people get hurt riding electric bikes or scooters. It typically involves a writer losing.

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