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Border have been reunited, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro My Or Kiss, As he announced a refugee advocate is now leading the effort. Hired Michelle Brown, eh? See executive director of the Family Reunification cast Force Brownie was most recently with the Women's Refugee commission. The Vita ministrations been dealing with an influx of unaccompanied minor coming across the border. My darkest that characterized increases a challenge, not a crisis we saw thanks. Rachel President Biden, meantime, holds his first virtual meeting with Mexico's president later today. Roll out of a third covert vaccine is underway in the U. S. With the first shipments of the newly approved Johnson and Johnson. One does shot But CDC director Rochelle Walensky says she's worried about states easing restrictions with daily cases of Cove it still hovering near 70,000 and variants, spreading the most recent seven being average. Of cases approximately 67,200 represents an increase of a little over 2% compared to the prior seven days. She says The seven day average of deaths has also risen to nearly 2000 per day and globally one World Health Organization officials as it would be premature and unrealistic to think we'll finish with this virus by the end of the year. School officials in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, southeast of Little Rock, are describing a school shooting is an isolated incident. One student reported injured at Watson Chapel Junior high and all campuses in the district put on lockdown. While police investigate America is listening to Fox News. News radio K O b. J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by my furniture market dot com. Almost 38,000 vaccine doses are arriving this week and Travis County with 12,000 going to Austin Public Health Alternate Health Authority, Dr Jason Pickett says. With the New Johnson and Johnson vaccine rolling out, there is hope that that weekly allocation will get much bigger and soon these other vaccine providers such as pharmacies and clinics that will come online in the coming months. I think that will magnify those efforts to get Our community vaccinated 20,000 doses airheaded Williams and county along with 5280 doses in Hays County and 2600 Doses, Ambassador Off County the New Johnson and Johnson. Single shot vaccine is on its way to Texas. But it will still be limited to those age 65 or older or who have preexisting conditions. Chris Van Dusen with the Department of State Health Services, says many in that group have already gotten their vaccine doses over 40%. So we're getting close to half now, and that's really one of the metrics. We're watching as far as when we want to. Open it up a little bit further. Some states think they'll start administering that new vaccine as early as tomorrow. Van Dusen doesn't know exactly the day that Texas will, but he does expect about 200,000 initial doses. The deadline is nearing for the ballot language to be finalized for Proposition B, which would ban citywide public camping. If voters say yes and May Matt Mackowiak with the group save. Austin now believes this is the best solution for both public safety and for the safety of the homeless themselves. They could get out of these tents get out of the elements. Get them in the homeless shelters, Transitional housing and even state can't round and city City provided campgrounds that are safe language needs to be finalized by Wednesday, so Travis County can start preparing the ballots. A lawsuit was filed recently, arguing that the city's chosen language is intentionally misleading. Looks like it'll stay cool this afternoon. Here's a look at your.

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