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Hey guys bradley here with my good friend doctor scott jam lot from my family dentist or a doctor scott they bradley so back to school season is just around the corner i know it's time to get kids back interceded dentist before school starts yeah it's time to get the kids in get all the necessary work done you know whether it's cleaning skilling's are the older kids maybe getting their wisdom teeth out to get that all done before school all starts of their ready to go and will have a great school year and then parents once when starts can go ahead and take care of themselves yes no more delaying that during the summer the busy summer months they can get there needed work in clinging and things done and then their most can be healthy great to sounds great wrap up your summer and get ready for the fall all by calling family dentist redid a one eight hundred six my eighteen or had to the website picks nineteenth got us and don't forget just like doctor scott starter rachel always says if you not see my dad play cnn again with take a beauty because they are the only ones forty eight when has provided the whole thing i was struggling tail celebrate their werner and have fun with live music games options deserve a platoon of our delicious playing time and wings in case tuesday august sixteen more the guys jason you're for skinner diminishing clinic on him with doctor mark and talk to mark you guys have so many body country options yes we're more by the country in options than anywhere in the region we have the gold standard than minimally invasive troll april lee likely section also cool sculpted ultra shape chi bello which is the newest jakob offered reducing chen fact so you smooth.

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