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Span of eighty years the third thing to know allow boom startled some residents of Chester County Monday night who live near the mariner east pipeline some people reported feeling their homes shake energy transfers says it was caused by a back fire of a flare a Philadelphia man has been convicted of killing a woman he was living with you use a wheelchair and then hiding her body in the basement for weeks is he would abuse crime and justice reporter Kristin Jo Hanson was in the courtroom the judge called the murder especially outrageous and cruel Eric Mackey remain quiet as the jury read out that he was guilty of first degree murder in the beating death of sixty one year old Albemarle boys who was sick going blind in in a wheelchair Mackey had been living with my right and helping her get around to prosecutor Courtney Malloy argued Mackey kilter by striking or in the head with a hammer repeatedly and they say they went into the murders or piece of duct tape found wrapped around the victim's body the roll of duct tape he had in his possession at the time that police brought him in for investigation match the duct tape that was on the victim's body prosecutors also showed surveillance video Mackie pushing the victim into the bank to get money and they say it's the last time she was seen alive the defense attorney Leon Goodman says there's a lack of evidence he was disappointed he maintains his innocence he will fight this through the appellate process Mackey with sentence of the mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole plus a few years for additional charges Kristin Joe Hansen K. right W. news radio Philadelphia's trouble animal shelter had another set back a little bit you city hall bureau chief lobe reports the executive director resigned at less than a year after taking the job it's been a brief but tumultuous tenure for Susan wrestled chosen to leave the animal care and control team or a C. C. T. last October following a national search there were staff vacancies the comptroller's report accusing her predecessor of mismanaging funds and in may an outbreak of kennel cough that forced to shut down in adoptions and most intakes deputy managing director Joanna Otero cruise has all that overshadowed what Russell was doing to try to improve the shelter for me they're gonna station when enhancing policies and protocols muscle was not available for interview but said in the statement it was a rewarding experience despite the challenges she noted that she helped increase live release rates to ninety percent for dogs and eighty eight percent for cats Pat lobe KYW newsradio twelve eighteen now residents most affected by the South Philadelphia refinery explosion are weighing in on what they would like to see done at the side of the plant he would abuse just include out the refinery advisory group held their first public meeting Tuesday put off years managing director Brian Abernathy says they need these meetings the public can give their input on what should be done to clean up and move forward in.

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