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How do you feel about this well i think that your you what you said it is is the hustle this is this is the prime example of the differences between college and nfl football and or the reason why so many people stick to college football is because business is not involved with the players college football the players play and the universities run the business side of things now you can debate the valley you know the the argument of amateurism that's not for this conversation but my point is that martellus bennett was doing business type of things and what what is very telling to me as i hear this all unfold is when you're in a locker room and up individual player is in a situation with that you're the team that you're a part of you just of as players you all like hey man you got to do what you got to do and for the most part guys are willing to let other players in those situation with those views hey man he's just trying to get his but in this situation martellus bennett went and tried to get his and now next thing you know every former and current green bay packer is coming to the defence of the team which never happens and so for me that's a big red flag to martellus bennett what kind of teammate he is what type of person he is in the locker room that would be something that i would want to find out a little bit more about because it's just it's a lot of red flags because for the most part nfl football players let other nfl football players do their business as a however they see fit.

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