Muller, Professor Dershowitz, FOX discussed on Rush Limbaugh


But again i i am on record as having said that i don't think muller's going to wrap this up much before the midterm elections the whole point of this is to get rid of trump now i also heard professor dershowitz today he was adds he was on fox even specifically asked about muller he said look i'm gonna tell you what i really think i know the muller cares where this goes i make monarch cares where the trumps emission for guilty or hillary's guiltier and is i like he cares he's just going to take it to wear it ends up he doesn't care he's a republican these longstanding republican and he's one of these guys is this gonna follow the evans wherever it goes and where it goes that's where it is and that's what happens he's not got a significant amount of prejudice or bias here while that may be but it can't be said of his investigators he's got sixteen while now maybe 15 since struck stroke is gone but he's got fifteen virulent anti trump people working for him who would no doubt be in on any kind of a interview sitdown cure what i rosal taken aback at i by no no reason to doubt professor dershowitz but i just i find it difficult for any human being to me that detached a thinking engaged human being who cares about the outcome of events every other day of the year i just find it really hard to believe that anybody that informed educated engaged and then have an ambivalent attitude about where an investigation ends up but that's what we're led to believe were led to believe that law enforcement is exactly that they're unprejudiced their unbiased a certainly are politicized and they follow the facts ma'am and they get their guide get get the bad guy and that's what they do and if you have nothing to.

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