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So here's another one where When the newer version came out and a newer version by the way came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven so quite a long time ago. I didn't even know there was an older version. That was twenty years older so the song is. I think we're alone now. Tiffany whose last name. I didn't even know is darwish. Of course. I really liked the song in the eighties. When i was much younger and only a few years later did i discover that it was actually recorded and released in the sixties. I was composed by ritchie cordell and performed by tommy james and sean bells. Which when you hear. Tommy james and the shaun dell's that's like a typical name for a band in the sixty s so The tiffany version reached number. One on the charts in various countries including the us and canada. I'm a huge tiffany fan. I had to see modified to admit it either. And i love that immediately in my mind i started. I think we're alone now of so absolutely spot on perfect choice. Well done sir very nice jesse number three for me. I promise you linda ronstadt. Yes and you know. One of the greatest won't most well known songs by the eagles desperado. And you know. They released that in seventy three and then in later in seventy three on on an album. Linda ronstadt released her version. And there's also some great live versions When you hear. Linda ronstadt sing desperado. Like i have a live version on my phone and honestly i can't think of someone who has better voice than how she sings that song. It is absolutely spectacular. I totally agree with you Before the pandemic linden. I had bought tickets. We've never seen the eagles live. And then you know with glenn fry be gone. I guess we won't ever see the original. But they're touring again and Vince gill is joining them. Doing a lot of the high parts and we have tickets. That's finally come up and so the next couple of weeks we're gonna we. We just got notified notified by e mail that we're gonna have to show that we are vaccinated but we are going to hear the eagles and i know that when i hear them do desperado. I'm going to smile and be content. And i have cigarettes you lynn. Iran's version is.

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