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Niners. Home of the Steelers at Denver at New England, home to the Dolphins. Oh, it's a lot of losses in there. There is, but I mean Denver But you're at Denver. Yeah, Chargers. They gag away leads, but they do build leads. Well here, then I think that's there's no layup left on that on that schedule for the Bills. Nothing was ever a layup anyway. So you know, no matter what those games are going to be tight. There is not a game there were like, OK, The bill's gonna go about their business and win this game by two touchdowns, and all it's going to take is a you know, a fluky Sacra. Josh Allen fumbles the ball. Next thing you know, you've lost a tough game. So then the question remains what record wins the CDs. I think the bills go nine and seven. I think they go three and five. The rest of the way. I could see losses. Seahawks at Arizona Steelers the Dolphins in week 17 Israel if he and I think they lose either at New England Or that I mentioned at 40 Niners. Yeah, There's 40 years. Four or five loss is definitely still on their on their table. So that dolphins that builds this week 17. Yeah. That might be your Sunday night game for a division title. Yep, it's actually January. 3rd the schedule it a little later this year because the late Labor Day so the week 17 is is January 3rd that is Bill's home to the Dolphins in Buffalo. Interesting. Interesting. Great natural. Imagine we get that meaningful game for two. We're playing for Division title against your McDermott in the Bills and Buffalo in January on a Sunday night. Be great love is that it? Did edit, edit it. Ah! When we come back, you're best audio of the day. Let's do Maura on the NFL from yesterday. Okay? We continue breaking everything down. Steve White. She's going to join us later on in the program. He's got our number four. When we come back, we'll hear Dabo Swinney discussing Trevor Lawrence's availability for Notre Dame. As well as Mike McCarthy after another disgusting lost by the Cowboys and Boomer NGO taken shots at our boy, maybe its next D, a CBS Sports radio. CBS November 16 Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield star in the neighborhood to Malcolm's say What he did to get arrested was being black in America. I'm filing a complaint. Where's the suggestion box? Organized protests supposed to hear about you gotta fight smart. I thought he's with you going back out there along with so I don't need anybody else. I love about this. Come on Dave Neighborhood season premiere Monday, November 16th on CBS. Did you know that the equivalent of a garbage trucks worth of plastic is dumped in the ocean every minute? £17.6 billion every year. Seabirds are dying after mistakenly eating it. I'm actor Sam Waterston and I don't want to pollute our oceans. Every time I buy my groceries, go out to eat or purchase a beverage. You deserve a plastic free choice. Join the campaign. Goto oceana dot org's slash plastics today. Tom has been a teacher for over 40 years. One day. I think one of the students had asked the question and he didn't remember the answer. I also noticed that he was laid in his class out earlier than they're supposed to let out. I was really starting to worry. Levi and I talked about out would change our lives. But he was there beside me. When something feels different. It could be Alzheimer's. Now is the time to talk. Is it a lzzy dot org's slash our stories to learn more a message from the Alzheimer's Association and the Ad council. My mother was very familiar with her neighbourhood. But one day she stopped at a stop sign, and she wasn't even really sure what she was that when something feels different..

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