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Orleans st charles streetcar line so those are historical landmark in those the only ones in the in the country that can move uber cable cars gotta but i haven't been to the the new orleans watch the recourse is that basically the same here pretty thought shelter the empire state building has its own zip code what well you know them her you know the merchandise mark has done own safeco guess that i do now yeah so used work there the empire state building has its own zip code and they should have but the merchandise shortlisted in here too i should here's one president jimmy carter had solar panels installed in the white house but his successor ronald reagan had the moved she didn't hotel i had no idea the jimmy carter put solar panels in the white house beck when i mean that was nineteen seventy six early yeah i mean it was still radical idea at that point you know ninety seventy six jimmy carter put solar panels in the white house wow the library of congress contains approximately eight hundred and thirty eight miles of bookshelves it's long enough to stretch from houston to chicago it's a lot of bookshelves man wow a lot of books wonder if you need a library card to get a book out of the library of congress i don't know i think you need clearance to get something out of the library of congress there are more than seventy streets in atlanta with some variation of the name peachtree yep yep my by sister moved to atlanta and lived on peachtree court street lame alleys something and to find it i had to go through another ten different peach trees i can't even imagine that i mean why would you do me it's ridiculous how do you not get lost every fifteen min in atlanta y you do first it's horrible traffic downer horrible yeah so she finally used move she's moved north of the city quarter where such nice out relax and there's no peachtree merit file era at just seems ridiculous this it's easy to get lost a you if you don't live even if you live down there i think you can get lost speaking to which is dan have you read his book when the hell is atlanta coming back on it fx oh i think i got pushback like for another season lau no come on i don't need.

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