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Fox News legal analyst and he's a great bestselling authors. You get his bookstore. The Russia hoax witch-hunt phenomenal books. And he's the best illegal political analyst around Greg. Jarrett how you doing. Hey Mark be with you. I'm fine. Thanks Hey So let let me get straight now Obama Gate. That's nothing but trump firing the inspector general that is the crime of the century. Is that how it works? Yeah I guess it is the twisted world of the media mob and Democrats You know I. I find it hard to believe really that. The conspiracy evidence continues to grow now. Declassified document of Susan Rights. Cya memo in which? It's pretty clear that they decided to target General Michael Flynn and then of course you know the skull. Tori evidence that that Flynn was innocent. All along that they invented a pretext in order to lay a perjury trap. That all of this evidence of innocence was hidden From the court he was hidden from the Flynn defense team. And now you've got a federal judge who doesn't WanNA follow the law. I wrote a column this week saying You know the fence needs to file a writ AMANDIME is to kick judge and it Sullivan off the case or order him to follow the law and as I was writing that column indeed. That's what Flynn's defense attorney did so you I? It's disturbing that. A federal judge seems not only oblivious to the bare facts of the own K. His own case but he seems to be either ignorant of the law or unwilling to follow it. Wow it looks more to me. Like he's the most partisan judicial activist. Have you ever seen a case where the judge took over the prosecution? The judge decided to prosecute the guy. Now I've never had. I mean it is a clear violation of the separation of powers embodied in the constitution. And you know a judge under the constitution is to preside over cases and controversies when there's no longer a controversy when the Department of Justice representing the executive branch makes the decision to drop a case to dismiss the charges based on prosecutorial abuse. Not to mention innocence. The judge cannot decide. Oh I'm leaving the judicial branch of government. I'M GONNA take off my robe. Step down from the bench and act now as a prosecutor Again violation of the separation of powers and there. There is well established case law. That a judge can't do that. His job is simply ministerial signs. The document on the motion to dismiss. If he doesn't like the decision of the prosecutors. Too Damn Bad. You know the losses. It's none of his business Whether he thinks it's wrong or corrupt around just irrelevent. That's the unfettered discretion of the executive branch. The Department of Justice yet. But the reason the judge can't do that is via ever judge ever tried that the media coverage the news coverage would be overwhelming. It'd be the lead story on every evening. News would be the front page of every paper. The judge would be driven from office. What happens if you suddenly live in a world where the press the media will totally Totally ignore this and not do their job. Then how how do you get anything done then? Well I mean you have to stand up for the rule of law regardless of what the media says but you know the media which drove the witch hunt narrative of the Russia hoax Is is really not only shameless. Disgraceful but unapologetic for getting it. All wrong I devoted an entire chapter of my last book. Witch-hunt to the malevolence of the media They are are so driven by their hatred of trump that they're willing to believe anything. Even that he's a secret. Russian agent a Manchurian candidate which is what they said for three long years when it turned out not to be true. They didn't have the decency to say. Gee Sorry got it wrong. He Greg Jarrett besides legal expertise your media expert. Don't you think they should say to themselves? We just attack him. Twenty four seven non stop for four years. We've marginalized ourself. Nobody's listening anymore. We're the ultimate boy who cried. Wolf. Why don't they figure that out? Well you would think they would you know look at any of the polling data and surveys and you know the the media Is at the very you know You know along with you know garbage collectors. I suppose there there you know and no insult to Refuse engineers but you know the there is no respect for the media anymore. It's y mark that the moniker fake news sticks because a great many Americans realize that it's driven by a hatred of trump and it's entirely slanted against him and so you know most Americans You know view the reporting scans a they don't believe in and we only have a few seconds left now most of even trump supporters. And I I understand. I don't blame them. They'll always say nobody's ever going to jail for this. Obama gave no matter what report comes. Nobody ever gets arrested. Will anybody ever get charged in this? Yeah it's a very good possibility You know just look at the comments that We impart made on Monday at a news conference in which he said This was a case that should never have been brought that the criminal justice system is now being weaponized by law enforcement and it's wrong and the people who did it will be held accountable and Sarah keeps in close contact with us. Attorney John Durham. Who's investigating air to all the origins of line of the Feis cicle now the latest You know the Flynn case up a frame job and hiding evidence of innocence while pursuing an innocent man. Well I said we're out of time but every Greg Jarrett books the Russia hoax which and we'll see on TV today some at some point yet. You likely will. I was on Fox and friends. This morning More to do the of the day Hey also you got a great website Greg. Jarrett DOT COM. Check that out and a great stuff. There it's actually the Greg Jarrett Dot Com Greg Jarrett Dot Com and Greg. Thanks for being with us. Hey Mark always my pleasure. Thanks so much all right. Take Care Also Hey check out the web page. We've got some great stuff up there today You know every day. We put up these videos and great stuff Always interesting take a look at Matt. Lauer listen. A lot of people knew about Matt Lauer and maybe viewers didn't but if you go back take a look at this video here. Are The five creepiest Matt. Lauer videos cut together stuff on the air and things that you have you watch these some pretty good clues into into this guy. Take a look at it now also is really interesting is from a few years ago the Charlie rose show. Do you remember that? There was a a charlie rose show every night at eleven o'clock it was a very serious talk show where they ask very serious questions and so governor. Andrew Cuomo is the guest and Charlie rose asked him about his dark side. And it's pretty interesting to look at now. Now take this. Here's a Justice Clarence Thomas on how you deal with Joe Biden. This is the member Clarence Thomas. At the hearings were Biden. Tried to really rip them apart. But he explains how he dealt with it. It's all up on the web. Page seven ten W. O. R. DOT COM SLASH Mark Seven Ten W. O. R. Dot com slash mark. You Hey let's take a collartoo. Let's go to Mike in New Jersey. Mike doing good mark area I just WanNa make a point about the I G issue I if Obama if if if trump fired obama appointee doesn't that mean Obama uh fired a Bush appointee second. Yeah there was. There was absolutely no I g at the State Department during Obama's entire first term but of course with Hillary Clinton at the head of the State Department. Why would you need an inspector general good point? Thanks for calling this idea that got fired. Inspector General He just another more on one of these leftover idiot bureaucratic this rick. Bright so whenever you fire one of these guys because it's the president trump whenever you fire one of these guys suddenly. He's the greatest genius the greatest American Hero. You get the whole ten minutes on sixty minutes. How could he fire this Guy If you check the record Joe Biden had complained about this. Guy Hilary Clinton had complained about. This guy said the guy was terrible. An investigation of Mike Pompeo. Or did he come up with stuff The only thing he came up with is Mike Pompeo was hosting dinner parties for People in the some in the Madison Room or something called the Madison Dinners and their corporate. Ceos and other people there that he was speaking to dinners And somehow the government. This is the big controversy. This is done all the time. The real reason for all this. They think Pompeo may be a very strong candidate for the Senate against the Democrat. And they're trying to knock him out as a Senate candidate trying to damage him up so he can't run for Senate and take a seat away from Democrats that's the whole reason for this controversy. Hey in the next hour. We got a lot to get to. If you're a big sopranos fan will have some great stuff for you in the next hour. Also get to what's open what's GonNa open houses quarantine going to end. We'll get to all of that right after the news. Don't forget rush at noon Sean. Hannity three to six and then he got a buck sexton who was at the White House yesterday. He'll be on it six tonight. I'm here everyday. Tend to noon back after the news on seven. Ten W O R..

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