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Yard puncheon by Tyler gets it's Iowa's first touchdown in a while some what quarters this is in the eleventh Cordelia whatever your tries goodbye Duncan it's sixty to seventy and all but one of the seventy two yards was through the years Stanley was for a five passing for seventy one yards issued axe kick off this is returnable by anthropic the three cross the five ten fifteen stock part at the seventeen yard line in the body young jumps up here to Roberts for John Maloney money Jones the usual suspects have Purdue trapped at their own seventeen yard line to start this series the only yard gain on the ground in that last record was the two and our okay scoring drives are courtesy of Scheels for all your gear check out you'll see the Boise city I was city in cedar falls more more good defense hopefully still in it has two linebackers five defects clever take short a pass to throw it away as right his kiss for was Boston Boston Solti got up feel lost and starting the series a defensive tackle good effort by that young male and other rotating Weidman pretty regularly daily on Nixon's in there the trenches with them at the shoulder hello but NASA and the goals that are still the outside rush men just had to throw that one away was looking at the near side one second down ten gonna throw again same place looks to the sideline the receiver fell down the tight end Hopkins was covered by Neiman on that play and when he went to cut to the outside he slipped he's played me a little to the back the official says no third down this is a three what's more porcelain aboard get the ball back in great field position if they can hold here for do it it's all seventeen yard line thirty one time he's got a touchdown right now he's ten for a first down loses past overthrown we heard the heat coming from a bunny Jones well over the intended receiver about Anderson who was covered he would not have the for that's what we needed there was a really good Jones is cold that day bill moos played a heck of a game today was zeroing in for they had had the past found its mark but from its own two yard line Zack Collins as an average of almost thirty nine yards apart so you would think the hawks would get a good field position lots of pretty high hanger but is what budget so he did forty five yard line midfield forty six nine yard return Gino to hear anybody else would have really good blog right is a ball came down from match Cooper who is the the return back tackle made by the bottom makers Alfred armor reserve running back time out on the field I was sixteen at Purdue seven parts gathering some momentum.

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