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Oh nicest of the day. It's tom brady his day every day. he sure is wrong. He did something very sweet for his wife giselle. He celebrated her forty first birthday with a gushing instagram post view. A quick is that this has been an incredible. You and it's hard to imagine living you more today than i did but i do family the way nobody else can and we will celebrate you on this day. Rob happens to know. What am i friends. Very close with tom and giselle. And it's funny because my friend told me the same thing like they're a very very close family everything they do. They decide together. They love their kids. They love their life. And so i believe this one hundred percent and then and happy birthday. I believe one hundred percent tough teaches out. You just get better. And better. As the days. Pass by bridget moynahan. Who has a son with. Tom brady before he left her. Actually when she was pregnant to hook up with gisela me and that was a bit of a dirty so is a sloppy story. Remember bridging used to live in the same building me some. I would bump into tom brady when he came to visit her. I now and all the gay boys in the building. We'll rent answer the lubbe when there was a tom citing here in chelsea my goodness malicious happy birthday and naughtiest of the day. Naughty naughty naughty naughty so thank goodness. The palace have released new picture to celebrate. Little prince george's eighth birthday. He looks darling. The image was taken by his mommy. Catherine we call her kate but they call catherine shows the future king sitting on the hood of a range rover in a field. I think it's taken at their at their home in norfolk. It's lovely but the reason this isn't a naughtiest that the day is. There was some speculation that the palace was not going to release a photograph of george. They do so every year but recently There's been a lot of online really harsh mean comments about little prince george. He went to a football match with his mom and dad a couple of weeks ago and the comments were vicious and so inside is that the pilots were really debating whether or not we should release a picture. They decided to do sir. But let's remember this. Little boy is eight years old so every day. It's all a little bit kind. And i i know it's terrible ruthlessly mocking little boy. I know just nod right. It's air eighty like why be so mean on the draw people. If you're listening please be kind. I think people sometimes thinking. I've made this mistake that i'm being witty now. I'm not being. I'm being cruel. Don't do it. And let's have a moment of rob rob this voice in your head telling you you can't you..

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