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NEWS Special Report. I'm Steve Futterman. It's 9 51, a white police officer who shot a black man Jacob Blake in the back back in August. Leaving him paralyzed, will not be charged. It happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin. An officer Rustin Chesky, shooting of Blake, captured on bystander video turned the nation's spotlight on Wisconsin during a summer marked by protests over police brutality and racism. Kenosha District attorney Michael Gravely spoke to Blake just before announcing his decision. I want to acknowledge and say that I really feel like the Blake family and Blake Mr Blake himself Have tried to be real, truly positive forces in the community. Asking the community to have peaceful but real dialogue about change that I think is necessary in this community. More than 250 people were arrested in the days that followed, including Kyle Rittenhouse, self stop medic with a rifle who was charged with shooting and killing two men and wounding a third and Rittenhouse pleading not guilty to charges including intentional homicide. Prosecutors say Rittenhouse, who was white left his home in Antioch, Illinois, and travel to Kenosha after learning of a call to protest business that businesses in the wake of Blake shooting during protest. Two nights later, Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosen bomb and Anthony Huber, wounding a third man. Rittenhouse has argued that he fired in self defense. U. S government, confirming that a devastating hack of federal agencies is likely Russian in origin in the operation appeared to be an intelligence gathering efforts. Last month, President Trump claimed that China could be to blame Wtlv National security correspondent J. J Green telling us how the U. S is reacting. Well, reaction is okay, So how far does this go? How many agencies are impacted? How is this going to impact the work voice? Did they try to steal anything? What are they going to do with what they got? What we believe, according to this statement, is that this is an intelligence operation, which suggests that it wasn't just an operation because of curiosity. It was an operation designed to give Russia some kind of advantage to use this operation to as leverage to get whatever it is that Russia wanted from the U. S in order to give them the leverage they were after. Well, the hacking has been going on for a least seven months before was discovered coming up in money news Major banks supposed to an idea to force them to do business with industries that they oppose 9 54 Hey, it's your home and I need to ask you a few favors in the kitchen. There's a spider.

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