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Calvert communions your money at 20 and 50 past the hour on Comeau New Now you're Coble Money minute sponsored by Propel Insurance. It was a second straight down day for US stocks. Both the Dow Jones industrials and S and P 500 lost about 1.2%. Point. Why is the Dow slipped 345 in the S and P ease, 41. Well, then I stack composite Index fell 97, but shares of Target Rose 2.3% today. The retailers quarterly earnings crushed estimates, with digital sales soaring 155% year over year. After the close, L brands reported an adjusted purse share profit of a dollar 13 as net sales rose from a year ago, and top $3 billion shares the parent of Victoria's secret and Bath and Body Works are fractionally higher in after hours trading. That's your money now. With the perilous deadline drawing ever closer. A top European Union official says trade talks with the U. K still face substantial work. These are your world headlines from ABC News, The vice president of the European Commission says no in a lost that Moments to reach this agreement on from commission side. We continue to work intensively towards that goal. Three key issues remain fisheries how to check compliance of the deal and standards the UK must meet to export into the EU, according to Johns Hopkins University. Belgium leads the World 129 covert desk for 100,000 people. Spain is next with 89, followed by Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Mexico, Italy and the U. S. And pandemic hit low cost carrier. Norwegian Air shuttle says it's seeking restructuring and bankruptcy protection, saying the decision is in the interest of its stakeholders. I'm Tom Rivers that the ABC knows Foreign desk in London. Companionship for older adults should include robots for both friendship and sex. That's what a University of Washington professors saying and come was Corwin Haig has more advances in artificial intelligence and lifelike materials have made possible robots that mimic human appearance. Speech. And, yes, sexual abilities. A lot of ethicist defense sex robot. Nancy Jacker is a U Dub bioethics professor. They say he's robots. A great will be a source of pleasure. More than that, she says, This tech could be a boon to older people who crave both companionship and intimacy. It has to do with some of the central things that we can do and be a human beings like affiliate with others have bodily integrity, be healthy form relationships in a newly published paper, Jacker says, But covert pandemic has further isolated many older adults. Perhaps predicting a future in which this population increasingly relies on a I for assistance for friendship and even for sex. Corwin Headache Co. Moh news Come on traffic. Watching or crunch in Lynwood on north Bound 405 I five. It's flunking too, right wing causing sub slowing approaching yet much for crash in Seattle on South Bound five just before East Roanoke Street, it's on the right shoulder a bit of a distraction. We do have a crash in the Snohomish area on North Bound Highway 5 to 5 The Model speedway just before Michael T. O Clinton wrote. It's a car versus pole crash that's causing the North balance Our next comma traffic. It's 7 34 the camo forecast today evening. Art Sanders Breezy tonight. Mostly cloudy and chance of showers lows near 40. Mar. Mostly cloudy and chance of showers. The morning.

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