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It's five fifty three to those roads traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes were there Mike we're going to head to the north here GM we've got an issue or I believe we had an issue on the upper and everyone twenty eight open at Wakefield stretch high above is the Manfredi insurance copter the past tense would be the correct one for the medical emergency on one twenty eight north bound up before Wallace street left field the fire department did you have the right lane taken for a while but everything appeared out of there a few minutes ago all travel lanes are open you got nothing left to look at but not before it backed up everything back beyond main street Plainfield we'll see how long it takes to sort itself out Kristen Frazier copter yeah I'll keep an eye on that elsewhere things are good with three to three ninety three ninety five they're all good up across to Hampshire line no issues on route one the expressway is good southbound a bit slow down through Savin hill that's about it nor pound fine if you're coming in route three south is good about twenty minutes Braintree down route one thirty nine that lower portion of one twenty eight is good it's quiet downtown Worcester road drive electric connector the lower deck ninety three the mass pike westbound Goodell towards four ninety five that into Grafton miking WBZ's traffic on the threes and now the four day WBZ accu weather forecast as we check in with WBZ accu weather meteorologist Brian Thompson of the recent warmth and humidity will take a bit of a breather as we head into the weekend but still pretty muggy for most of tonight will have a lot of clouds around other will be a shower to perhaps even a thunderstorm in a few spots will drop to sixty five tonight could be a leftover shower in spots during the morning tomorrow most or is this gonna be pretty early it may linger a little longer toward the Cape clouds break for some sun with lower humidity should turn out to be a nice afternoon high near eighty but it will be closer to seventy on the south coast and Cape partly cloudy down to sixty tomorrow night cooler for Sunday and Monday with some sunshine high near seventy on Sunday sixty four on Monday no matter what the beat around just Brian Thompson WBC Boston's news radio and right now we are looking cloudy skies in Boston eighty one degrees it is five fifty five WBZ newsradio well it is a bird once listed on the Endangered Species Act but it's now making a big comeback in Massachusetts bald eagles Marion Larson with the division of fisheries and wildlife says they've documented nine new nests this spring including the first one on the Cape in more than a century that nest with eggs was spotted in Barnstable this is showing us is with well over seventy no nass and Massachusetts that the eagle.

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