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There know what's going on, and they got the communicated. I just don't understand when they've run that formation three different times. You said the line back out there three different times. You get the same results. He gets past the linebackers. That time the Sean wants and made them pay. No well seasoned The guy. You just mentioned it when he sees Johnson matched up on a linebacker. He's going there. Johnson, three catches 47 yards and a touchdown so far, this one Shot Watson 59 70 yards and two scores. 22 14 Houston leads Detroit 10 18 to go here in the first half lines will get it back Jamal Agnew back deep for them. Airfare in with a kick. This will not be returnable. Yeah, it'll sail eight yards deep into the end zone and out would come Matthew Stafford in the offense, trailing once again 25 yard line. Lives jumped out to a seven. Nothing lead. Pick six by J. J. Watt Missed extra point made it 76 Lions, then coughed up the fumble. Houston took advantage of a short field took the lead 13 to 7 Lions came back, Take lead 14 13 after takeaway of their own. Now, Houston's jump back on top 22 14. Out of the huddle and to the line. Stafford up under center single back Adrian Peterson. Stafford's got It gives the Adrian Peterson tries to bounce it outside, and he has met right in the line by Zach Cunningham. Goodness Gracious is he started 63 to 38 4th year. And he just met Adrian Peterson and stood him straight up the line of scrimmage fifth tackle of the day for him, and they also have to be aware of their safeties to Romeo. Cornell likes to bring.

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