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As a head of state down this this is clearly frowned upon now over the last uh twenty years uh in africa bear being fewer coups and uh generally uh most of these uh lead leaders now know that uh they won't get international support slowing best months um if they all seem to just be you know going back to the old days of of of of soldiers and dictators taking over what pizza g peter got well let's talk about and grace mugabe tell us a little bit about them and particularly mrs mugabe is so central to this whole drama yes you could really coldest mugabe's fall from grace because she really did triggered this whole thing she overreached um she she behaved in a way that politics don't usually occur ends on a paf sauna pf has been very good in the past um at having it's kind of family squabbles behind closed doors in fact it was almost a question of sort of soviet kremlinology cianci figure out who's up who's down who's inwho's out and just be clues zanupf yes as the ruling ruling party right which has been ruling ever since the mob came into existence as an independent state in 1918 so you know nearly forty years um but in the last couple of years it has become very fractious the squabbling within zoolander pf and partly in a sense facilitated by the fact that the real opposition split into the mdc and various other opposition party splintered into a number of different parties and so they presented less of a threat so that everybody was treated to sort of watching the squabble uh being played austin public in in the in the zimbabwean media and that being these two distinct factions one hold g forty was the younger group and that had grace mugabe as uh as as a sort of ambitious kind of lady macbeth but she was she more and more wanted to the the big job she wants is to succeed her husband him this is a faction within zanupf yes yes this is all with them on a pf so the way to understand that this is a family squabble this is kind of fratricidal i mean this is this is nothing the opposition real opposition in zimbabwe the democratic opposition as being sitting.

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