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Middle juices is actually many hundreds of lakers way so we wouldn't know that for hundreds of years as the shockwave got to us and what when bilges blows up it's not going to affect the earth but it will light up the night sky it'll be really spectacular you'll probably be able to read by it in the night sky for awhile it could happen tomorrow and you know i i'm always standing outside in the cold winter looking at beetlejuice you're looking at a star that's just about to die and then also in the belt stars the the lowest of belt stars the one farthest to the left won lowest down added that his are the stores in the bill in the vilnius ryan in the belt of orion the farthest one down on the left is actually called delta oreo onus and dealt or unice is one of the stars did my my doctoral dissertations on and i spent hours and hours towers hours observing the star through telescopes all over the world and use telescopes in arizona i use telescopes in australia um i actually used telescopes that were in space so i i mean i did lots of different observations of the star it took it would suspicions why did you pick this sir well it in their letter village was yet it's right it's right i i i did my dissertation on specifically very massive binary starts to it turns out that the stars actually two stars orbiting each other and they're so close together the human i can't separate them they the orbit so close together that the two stars gore roundabout but once every two.

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