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Goes back to the Russ Orchestra thing right like is it better to have an Ol- world defensive tackle F-, or two above average core, and that's a false choice. Right like sometimes when we criticise like a contract I'm Chris I'm like well. It could take that money and have to average Cornwell then you gotta find those above average quarterbacks. Scout them yeah so. Again it's your question is not. A or B plus speed. It's a sure thing versus I risk which is always. Guy Answered it out from there. I think it's some of the NBA mindset of just take the. Ideal, you have death, but it's I think if you have a star, you know. His personality is in House Pam. Make him happy. You WanNa, show your good players Hey. Guys we want you to be chief for twelve years for fifteen years and I think that's more of a chemistry thing to, and but also like you just said with the corners. It's hard to find good corners, and I think they having a a game changer a game record as some people call it at each level of the defense is huge, so they have three game records. True Gamers Chris Johns. Johns Frank. Clark and honey Badger and I think for them. They're just going with okay brilliant as solid starter. Once we get him back, we'll hold water. Probably they're probably GONNA BE PRETTY CRAZY first couple of weeks. If if with ruin out, but I think to them, they're more just like hey. We have three stars. Get him get him opportunities to make plays and patch up everything else then scheme. And we and we have a quarterback. who kind of makes all this irrelevant Just let the just. Keep it under thirty all. About that quarterback, like I said, do contracts, it's like it's a team friendly contract. It's frigging foreigner fifty million dollars at least like. Figured out what guaranteed mechanisms means it basically means they can't cut them so. The the scary thing about Mahomes, I've I've just been kind of thinking about like okay. What is there to say about him? The scary thing about there's a lot of scary things about him. Obviously but I. Think one of the scary things about him is that he was clearly playing hurt last year. And that's fricking insane. Obviously, he was held. But. Like it's just told. US that. You know he can be so much better outside the pocket next year so much better at extending place so much better on the Rani's already the best. Throw around the run and football right now. Yeah, and I think. There's your thing where he's like worse on play action the dummies and I talk about. Why is that from a quarterback perspective? Tried it try to explain that. His mahomes is so well first off. Probably just reps from what he's done in college. High School Plano Texas. Texas Tech high. School in Texas in College. But. I think some of it is. He likes to see everything, and he's such a quick triggerman that he wants everything in front of them. He wants a snap in manipulate, but this is get the ball out and do something with drop I think with the play action stuff, a lot of play actors stuff, not old eligible are out, Guy, staying protect. Man Sometimes if it's under center and you're doing play action. Turn it back to it I. think it takes away. Some of his out should take away. You don't really take away much from. But IF HE turns his back to it. I think some of it is more of okay why it's really hard for a quarterback to just stand there and time and time in timeout you go five finally protection five eligible out incomplete balls one after another mahomes makes it look so easy. We just keep going why every offense to that. Why is every offense? Why don't they have five five minutes same protection? It's because they can't Patrick Mahomes as the triggerman so I think play like you really need the play action stuff, 'cause he does everything else so well and so. So. It might not be as something that he can't do or he's not. He's limited that so rather than just the whole argument about him, turning his back to the defense and everything mahomes freak, so I'm sure he handles that fine. I think it's more which is lean into stuff were ridiculous. Good at knowing can stop anyways. There's no need to manufacturing thing like other than other than the Lincoln play. You know the famous leaks that we all Bob showing twitter. 'cause we know the name of it, so we all get really excited. with you know also because I. Work with a carrying. L. Lsu ran against Florida and they hit. The guy fell off into those like it's one. It's like one of one of one hundred selling of a hard time. So like so like as yeah, those are shop, wiser manufacturer shop place, but you don't need a manufacturer, anything but MAHOMES UNLESS! You get into a team that maybe they do have figured out that day. Not everyone has their fastball or as a coach scheme, wise or a player, and maybe that's when they are okay. We're getting. Our butts kicked Stanford protect, but we still need to get. Charts can't think doc so I think it's more mahomes a show good at the hard part. They're just screw. We don't need a play action. No West, we just. Really like this concept this week we'll get five five outlet mahomes interesting work. You know I i. think that's their thinking. Right? I mean this is like. That's like the issue with criticisms criticisms of him like. Bales little quickly sometimes right, he could move a little bit more inside the pocket. Yeah, but when he bails, he liked turns. Chicken you know chicken salad so I'm really going to criticize him for like not having subtle pocket full four drew brees, or whatever like this is like no stupid. All this. We can just skip that. A the Edwards layer thing is interesting I do. WanNa talk about that with you because. For those who have forgotten already I, don't blame you. It feels like another lifetime. The chiefs draft running back I. After. We spent the entire offseason praising them for being the past happiest team in the analytic starling of the NFL. And you can see. Setting aside the question of woke devalued been gotten us. Maybe maybe quarterback. He's going to be a monster in this offense right like both, both by the way both things can be true. I think yeah and I think he also is going to be a monster in a way that makes life even easier for Patrick, mahomes like there's this concern, nate. Because the team spent such a high draft. Pick on him. They're going to be pressure. They're gonNA feel pressure to run the ball. I Trust Andy Reid enough. That he's not going to do that. and Rather I think he's just going to use them as match up nightmare, I mean when you already have tyreek Hill and Travis Kelsey on the board. Defenses are doing everything they can to take one of them out the throw in this running back who runs routes like a wide receiver and your eft right so to me it just. It creates so match just so many problems for defenses and you know you gives you. Those like smaller chunk plays that I think sometimes she's offense has been lacking. In Bite Regis joked about earlier there leaning into it that they got C.. H. In..

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