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Eleven thirty w I s and Mark Belling late afternoon show. Got the weather here does it seem to you that you know, how the media overreacts everything weatherwise. Visit it seemed like they're not making a very big deal about hurricane Michael. Paul said this morning. I mean, maybe it's because it's not the first one. But usually they're on these things two weeks, and they have everybody panicked and driven crazy. This thing's supposed to hit by tomorrow. Right. They're saying it could hit as a three right? I I I don't know. Maybe it won't be that big of a deal. But boy. Yep. What we do know is when they hit the Gulf Coast. There's incredible force to the I don't know why. But the ones that hit the Gulf Coast candy hit the hardest. That's a Katrina was. Maybe the yet. You know, what I think it is? They've been so obsessed with capital. They don't want to break away. They don't want to break away from that. And not while now capitalization. So maybe now they'll have something to go on and on a ball. But obviously, the whole a panhandle Florida Gulf Coast and all of this serious stuff, obviously. And anybody who I think the biggest concern is for the west coast of Florida and the panhandle area, then southern part of Georgia and so on, but that's a whole Gulf shore. Get let me go all the way to the west you stop, interrupting me. No, I'm saying from the west coast of Florida, Georgia shore, and then over to Mississippi Louisiana, Alabama all of that area there watching exactly where it's going to hit. But it's you know, that kind of whole area of the Gulf Coast itself the area between Texas and Florida we've got that big landmass really from flow as I said almost Florida, Texas. It's all sort of within the range, and where it actually gets. And then how big the spray off to the side big deal. And obviously. Concern our own weather. Here is nowhere near as interesting. Although you're going to have one word.

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