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Mike DeWine, 5 40 tonight. Red Space Ball kicks off again. Until then. The Reverend the right Reverend Brian Tome. Welcome again in the Bill Cunningham show and Brian Tome of Crossroads. How are you, William? I am great. I wish the governor was my good friend. I wish I had met the governor. I have not met him. Claimant. I can set that up. You want to talk with him? Oh, man, I think enough people giving him well, I don't think I would help him at all. What? We're back friendly again because we got sideways for a couple of months. But now we've talked off the air and He's coming on with Mayo. Whenever I want. I'm going to get him on some point here. He's on a lot anyway. I want to probe his mind to see what he's thinking because the fatality rate in Ohio is well under 1/100 of 1%. That the fatality rate in Kentucky as well less than 1/100 of 1% by historical models and standards, We're doing a fabulous job and making sure that few people catch it and when they do catch it, there traded, 99.8% of the people who contracted Survive. Unlike many other flues and viruses, you might recall that in 1968 1969 110,000 Americans died in the Asian flu. And there was a couple articles in The New York Times saying Be careful, but In today's numbers. I'd be 200,000 churches didn't shut down. Schools didn't shut down businesses, then shut down. We simply got on in life. I was a Saviour at the time, and I can recall. Be careful. There's a nasty strain of the virus out there. You can recall 1918 1919 when the dough boys came marching home from Orb, or 1 675,000 Americans died of the Spanish flu. Which he quits to 2.2 million Americans today. No businesses shut down. No schools didn't shut down. People got on with their life. So can you tell me first, Before you ask me, I would be interesting. If you ask Governor of why. I think one of the interesting points he brought up, but I'm not sure how I feel about it was equating. Corona virus Code 19 to Spanish flu. Remember that next press conference couple weeks ago, said that that seems like a stretch to me. I mean, President Trump his grandfather brought home From from being out One night he had a cough. Next morning. It was dead. That was Spanish. Flu serious? I mean, that was awful. I haven't A Spanish flu began 1918 1919 and killed about 50 million. Americans. Of the 500 million affected 1918 pandemics. So 10 10% mortality rate mortality rate for the For this flu is something less than 3% ones. One separated what happened? But why? It was so bad that flew previously only killed. Juveniles in the elderly already weakened, it began striking down hardy, completely healthy young adults. Who would go to work in the morning, healthy and return and they would die at night. And and when that happened, 1918 1919 I've read some of the inquires stories and the post with several newspapers at the time. There was never an effort by the governor of the president. At that point, you might recall Woodrow Wilson was in the White House. To react to it other than to say, be careful. So what has happened mentally and what you're doing is consistent across roads to what many other institutions are doing. You're not the lone Ranger Try to get communion at a Catholic churches, difficulty, Catholic churches are largely emptied out. You can't go there. The mall's sores Ana, So what you're doing is similar well. So what's happening mentally between 1918 1956 with the so called Asian flu that killed a lot more Americans that are dying with this? Eisenhower's in the White House? Note No one shut down anything and then 68 69 was pretty serious. And we didn't react the way we're acting now, even though these conditions are much better than those other pandemics. Why are we doing that? Well, I think we know more scientifically now than we did back when they were a bit more intelligent. That's that's a big thing. Billman who who knows what the numbers would be right now, if we were acting the way when acted in 1918 we didn't understand that. That's that's the black hole run against as a leader. I'm processing a couple things. One is that We just don't know how bad it would be if leaders of institutions weren't taking the measures we're taking right now. Shoot 14 14 Marlins baseball team came down with it, You know, just yesterday. Today I'll tell you what. When Major League baseball the eh, the NFL the NHL To exist to make money. That's why I don't just enter tennis. Take this to make money when they're shutting down their seasons. That says something, so I think his leaders. We just we don't want to put people needlessly and harm. That's one aspect. The second aspect bill is a leader. You could only take people as far as they want to go right then. Right there. Any kindly account for a counselor can only take somebody who's gotten Issues as far as they want to go and our governor and CEOs, whoever passers we can only take people as far as they want to go and people for whatever reason valid, blowing out a portion I think it's highly highly valid are very, very afraid. Very, very afraid and do not want to go out into the world. They just They do not want life to get back to normal. They don't want it. They fear that That's just for the statistics. So that's where people people people are on this and no question. We got to react to that, you know, and you were too young. But in 68 69 when we had The most recent pandemic of a serious quality. It affected everybody. Other stuff was going on the Vietnam War was going on. Riots in the cities were going on. And so this was just one other disaster that happened, But it wasn't covered is a disaster was covered is a flu. And right now, this is covered differently if social media did not If social media existed, then the way it does now probably be completely different, and I use the term Only 150,000 Americans have died. If you're one of 100 50,000 it's a total loss. But compared to other pandemics, it's much less because of what we've done, which is shutting things down. And and a crossroads of you would say, Okay, we're opening up in September. You all hell would break loose. The population probably wouldn't accept it across roads and those who did come there and got sick. You'd be blamed for the death of the injury. Not only would all hell break loose and culture which that's a whole another story, ideological content. I love they're talking about some time. Not only would there be unbelievable peer pressure, but we would be spending all of our staff resources. All of our volunteer resource is all of our energies on, you know, fumigating on cleaning on masks on enforcing six feet apart on all we'd be turning our Sunday morning ministry model upside down. And we've been doing it for about 20% of people who used to come to crossroads..

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