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He was clearly a very decent hard working man, so they have connections to Nelson Mandela at they have connections to Paul, Dogra Cheese, amazing, and so on February fourteenth nineteen, ninety-seven, the Daily Mail runs huge front page story it says in huge writing murderers. The Mail accuses these men of killing. If we are wrong, let them. THEM SUE US and they host every photo of the kids, and every not kids are men. Every photo of the killers and all of their names Jeez it. That's this incites crazy political debate, and whether it's okay to have done this and eventually the Prime Minister John Major comes forward and says the Daily Mail had broken no laws, and and I know and none of the five kit people, none of the five teens ever come forward to sue, and you know they probably Daily Mail probably wanted to. Because then they could depose them. Get their fucking high powered lawyers to crack them so I bet they were wanting at least one of them to sue and they didn't because they probably knew that it's so. It's like the one time tabloid. Does something decent? Ya Like I didn't know there were stories like this. And you know what it is. It's kind of it's kind of draws drives. You crazy because. It's because the editor had met a Neville right and probably have these preconceived notions of people of color and meets one and he's like. Oh, he was actually a hardworking man when it is wrong because of my ray singly every experience, every other parent to any other fucking child is probably a hardworking person to, and they don't get this opportunity, but it was amazing that Lawrence has got the opportunity and used it and used it yes. Yes in this one circumstance, also if it's gone, which is how it normally happens tabloids, which is, they don't have to write, we decide. We accused because that's what they do. When they just put up and blatant lies, and you know the first thing I think of his Madeleine McCann's parents where they tried and convicted those people totally in the press. I mean who are It's just it's such ugly business, but would it's tiny. Shining. Silver lining there and it's because. These men were guilty. It's not you know all right. So the next day the video evidence of the boys inside the flat is released, and so people just the anger fucking grows the racism and the knives, and the reenacting the attacks, and so on the thirty first of July in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty seven. More than four years after Stephen Lawrence was murdered home, Secretary Jack Straw announces yet another inquiry into a the judicial. Part of this case and it's led by retired. High Court Judge Sir William McPherson and this would go on to be known as the McPherson in Korea or the macphail McPherson report. Eventually it comes out in February ninety nine. It's a three hundred and fifty page report concludes that the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence had been quote marred by a combination of professional competence, institutional racism and a failure of leadership and the officers in the Metropolitan Police specifically involved are named, and the entire force is criticized..

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