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Drivetime sports. Ryan and wheels with you. For the next three hours. And then we got the nuggets and the bulls later this evening. If you'd like to get in touch with the show, two eight six zero zero four six. Gal Wanda guests going on. If you are a fan of air force. Sports in general. This is the show for you. Because coming up in the next segment, we'll be joined by Tucker bone. He was just drafted last week into Major League Soccer was the twentieth. Pick in the draft as now property of the Seattle Sounders. So we'll have Tucker on to talk about that experience. Bottom of the hour. Ryan swan from the air force men's basketball team will join us our number three Frank, Sarah, Tori, will join us live from Madison Square Garden. The falcons are back east. They're taking on Sacred Heart this weekend, but they're playing Saturday Sunday. So they have some free time and Frank and. Probably Joe Doyle couple of the other assistance may be taken in Black Hawks and Rangers tonight on jealous. Yeah. So we'll we'll check in with Frank if Ota snuck onto the plane, and jeez, right? Really Blackhawks playing in Madison Square Garden. That's that's like. Yeah. So yeah. Frank will join us our number three. So a lot of air force guess, which is which is really cool because I think that this week is. Kind of one of the higher points for air force just in terms of excitement level with Nathan pine being named the new athletic director. So lot of cool stuff. And I hear from you on a daily basis. Many of you are would identify as falcon fans, you just want the reason to be you know, to talk about them, and and share your phantom and today is is one of those days because you'll get a coach in two athletes on this program. Also, a couple of special guests joining us in our number two Lauren and shady they are from hooters here in Colorado Springs. Of course, we're doing the hooter bowl, home, invasion that many of you have already signed up for, but they're going to drop by the studio talk a little bit about, you know, the contest and everything like that. And then they're also going to give their picks on. On the championship games this weekend. And then I left a one gentleman out. And how dare I Gary Mantell Gary is with the I need to get the the official or but he's a local high school referee and here shortly. I think beginning tomorrow night, it is the rest versus cancer. I don't want to say promote your campaign where you'll see the at your kids is games or the local high school that you go and and watch basketball games that you'll see the referees wearing pink in taking donations and stuff. So it's a really cool caused that. We want to shed a little bit more light on. So Gary will join us late in the show to talk about that. Where we start today, though, is a place that we have never started before at least in this. Interational of this program. And that is talking about air force basketball. Normally there are other things that that Trump it either. Because just other thing, you know, something big with the Broncos or the nuggets, but let's be Frank. There hasn't been over the last few years hasn't been a ton of opportunities for air force men's basketball to lead off the show. Last night was was the exception. Last night the air force falcons. If you missed it played a UNLV team that was unbeaten in mountain west play. They were at the top of the conference multiple NBA potential players on their roster second leading offense of rebounding team in the entire country. It's a big time match up and air.

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