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Wins it in the left corner back for route a right point back for plot right corner. Andre plot looking for Tyler Johnson right circle off his stick and the puck is going to be handled by Texier Alexander apt to center ice rules it in pursues it to the right corner controls it. He's checked by Ruta Texier holds onto it though. And blue jackets are now going to provide some support for him for is there for them loosen that lightning near corner who's gonna come up with at tech see battling with stamkos search of their to plot. Finally wins it up the middle for Johnson. Good lifted high in the air back to the Columbus and lightning trying to get a partial change your Atkinson trying to take advantage. He'd eighteen. Left in the second three one lightning. Atkinson speeds across the Buluan sickle Texier shoots blocked three down. Rueda ripped it up the five it's held in Herrington, LaPointe, Errington shoot. Save me. Vassel Leschi rebound is going to be grabbed by Texier right point Atkinson, a little feed to the center point. And it is distinguished right circle. Duchenne? You Shane pressure here by the blue jackets, right circle. Single shot wide, right. Rebound alive Harrington by trying to set off the back of the net. New Shane audit et cetera past mrS everyone. That's a break for the lightning comes all the way down the ice in on Brodsky, seven forty left in the second three one lightning. Dean Kuchen, we're gonna catch the lightning in a partial change here. The middle of centre meals into the lightning and high slot. A shot blocked re down to single left corner. Pass picked off headman the nearside out held in Savard right point, Ramsey cross as Venzke left circle another cross as feed is picked up by kucherov who picks it up in the news. Over another giveaway, by Kook here's gaurd at the far side held a new varroa point, Riley, Nash, Nash, shoot save made rebound Nash. Again. Let's go new Vara left point Riley. Nash makes a move to the left circle any really need a clear here Nash buying that is watched by point. He knocked it off Nash's. Stick point headman will rip it out dubinsky at center ice is checked in gorgeous steel, cross the Columbus line, right circle lightning. When really loves him offense zone time. They haven't had much in the second period. Check by new Vara.

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