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It's hard. Yeah. It is. And so I totally get Tatum's like, I'm gonna give the people what they want because I really don't want to go out there and just get beat up 99 or going to the basket. But Tatum understands in the back of his money, he may not admit it, but you have to make a certain level of sacrifice for success. And going to the basket as the best player on his team, that's part of the deal when you're the best player on the team. You've got to give the team what they need. Is forget about what the fans what they want. Give the team what it they need. That's what I want Jayson Tatum to do. And again, it's essential. And I don't want to get all analytics. But again, it's threes and shots at the rim are obviously it makes sense. That's what you want to focus on on doing. And those step backs, they're great when the shot clock is winding down and you need a bucket and you got to have guys like Tatum who can do that. And he's as good at it as anybody, but that can't be your a one a, you know, what you're looking for every single time down the court. You gotta find a way to get easier buckets. So I think it's nice that he's going to grudgingly embrace that embrace that role this year. We'll see if it translates once the season once the season begins. We've also seen Ben Simmons shoot threes in the preseason and how did that come out? Sharon, thanks a lot, man. No problem. All right, on to the bruins Connor Ryan from Boston sports journalist here in Connor was down, checking out captain's practices on Monday, training camp for the broad starts next week, but you got to see actual bruins doing actual hockey things today, Connor. Tell me what stood out to you if anything kind of here in day one of captain's practices..

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