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Malaysia, Goldman Sachs, Goldman discussed on FT Banking Weekly


From the financial times with me patra Jenkins. Joining me in the studio today are Stephen Morris? Our European banking correspondent and Stefania Pomme side stage correspondent joins us from New York, by Skype is Laura Newnan arduous banking editor this week. We'll be looking at Goldman Sachs's problems in Malaysia an interesting story about Credit Suisse urging customers to move money out of the UK and finally review of European banks in twenty team I though to Goldman, and I'm delighted that Stefania who's normally resident in Singapore is actually here with us in the studio. It's being another pretty bad twenty four hours for Goldman Sachs. They've finally now got the criminal charges filed against them in Malaysia. What does this mean for them? This is basically the biggest concrete action, that's Malaysia has finally issued against Goldman sin. Elections in may add there's been a massive build-up in terms of rhetoric in terms of very senior politicians demanding that Goldman returns some of the fees and some of the money thoughts when I'm to be paid them to arrange bones for the state investment fund. But this is really big news in Malaysia, it seems as if Malaysia kind of piggybacking on the charges were announced by the DOJ just recently. In fact, it's targeting and saying, but some Goldman Sachs units as well. As some of former bankers there, including two Meissner Roger were issuing false statements to misappropriate two point seven billion dollars from the bonds that were issued and these were than used to bribe some Malaysian officials, and this is exactly what's the DOJ. Also stated I guess. The main difference is thoughts Malaysia is also charging three Goldman socks units themselves in their own case. Now, Stephanie a reminders how long this dates back and also what repercussions? Slightly to have. So the one MD be soon investment fund was set up by former prime Minister Najib result in two thousand nine it was just through four years laser thoughts. There were some indications that probably some fraud. Some battlements was linked to one MD be everything sort of came crumbling down when nudged was ousted in elections this year in may, and that really was the big cost for the opposition to really kick off a very very fierce investigation. Both in the former prime minister and his dealings with one MD. But also in terms of the network that was created to allegedly embezzle something like four and a half billion dollars from the investment fund. But relieved the change in government in Malaysia was up crucial because prosecutors in other jurisdictions that are investigating this mouser because it Oviously pas international reach were really struggling to dig deeper into the affair because Malaysia was not cooperating. But now that obviously a position is now in power, really, it's a free for all investigations, or deepening and the ramifications of the Malaysia pretty profound, but does this concrete. We mean, Goldman criminal charges filed against them could be frozen out of business both in Malaysia and in of a pulse of that region in Malaysia the already slim down considerably their presence. They still technically have an office there, but sort of the investment banking end of it is virtually non-existent if anything it's mostly sort of with management, private banking in Malaysia every sort of banker or lawyer that I speak to say that essentially as of now, it would be very very hard for Oldman to do any business specially with the government, especially with any government linked companies. Those tend to be the biggest clients that you can have in Malaysia in terms of the rest of Asia, the grown considerably in places like China, and you know, number of analysts and even competitors say that it probably won't comp-. -pletely dense their rise in that part of the world. But it remains to be seen. What happens if and went the units thought were charged by the Malaysian government just yesterday, if they find these golden sex units guilty will jurisdictions where these units are incorporates than fuel obliged to act based upon the result of this case in Malaysia. That's the big question. Let's cross overnight Laura in New York for US perspective on this as defined you mentioned there, Laura to an extent the Malaysian authorities of piggybacking off the US department of Justice case, tell us how that will fit together. And what the impact on Goldman is being in the US. Yes, it is a case at the US DJ's been building now for several years on.

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Malaysia, Goldman Sachs, Goldman discussed on FT Banking Weekly

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