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Back with more segment here for mark stoops we're talking about the the the sector in pass coverage against their attack that kind of attack puts a premium on the tackling for your second secondary how did you feel they did I'll just okay you know there were some things on the on the bubbles on the screens that just our position on the ball it's to be better would be to contain it better and you know what it is I didn't notice too many this blatant missed tackles just just our position on the football needs to improve I'm sure your offensive linemen got tired of hearing about the game two years ago and the low rushing total and they came out loud the row for two hundred thirty nine yards on thirty nine Russian side yeah the the they definitely came out with an attitude did a really good job in and were really physical all night. now quite honestly if we want to head that off another twenty or thirty times with pride could often and had some good success but needed to work on some past games some other things so we actually threw the ball quite a bit tonight yeah thirty five passes thirty nine runs and you pass it for two twenty to seventy five plays that's kind of the balance you ideally would love to have the end and the purple down maybe three or four as well so you know right through it more than we normally do but again just trying to work on it now open it up and we feel like we got some weapons and and so well you know like what we're doing with this in order to cling springs up lan had a nice pass of the triple a he did he looked really good that was really good play action they really set that up nice and put a nice touch on it another nice performance fork of us see a smoke yet a fumble down over the goal line so we get a little extended run and came through quite well yeah yeah well she did some good things will be rough for ninety two yards so you know eight yard average so was obviously good for us if you could tell this from the silo that look at the tape but you wanted to see the running back to be more patient this week did you think you got what you want to add that I felt like they were they were set things up and in the yeah they they they did you know there was times when they could bounce it they did none of them overall thought they were pretty effective hello you want to see Terry so we'll just finish up with one question is the close group these guys really care for each other a lot so this is not only tough on Terry but for all of his teammates would you talk about a block it is I have to I don't try to pick them up a little bit I think they really all felt rough for Terry inotes from. it's disappointing you know because he is a leader and he's worked exceptionally hard and they looked really comfortable out there and get better every day and now we just care about him so the guys were definitely a bit down I think field for for him well you can telling me said that the prayers of all the big blue.

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