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Tell me a little bit like what's the scariest thing that ever happened to you. Well that'll be a conversation for my therapist so you know I mean our fears are there deep their personal things which for me is just more evidence of why we should find opportunities to kind of from they want to know how to fix and today's episode be afraid be very afraid a problem tell tell me a little bit about it I am very scared of the stupidest things to be scared of so I have such a strong physical reaction if I'm spooked or being chased or anything like that a immediately down and start crying and just can't help it oh my gosh that sounds unpleasant coming up especially when you're are you a scaredy cat in general or is this kind of unusual no no it is it's super unusual so I am not a meek person I don't think anyone would ever grab me that way physically I'm six foot tall so I'm a I'm a big fairly dominant physical person I am bold and strong willed and all of those things and I don't know why this gets me here's the thing all of us get scared sometimes right this is totally natural in fact just a couple of weeks ago I was staying in a cabin in the woods for the weekend and I put my kids to bed and before I went to bed I looked in the bathroom and a humidifier just how to handle that my name is Margie Kerr I may sociologist and author and I study fear after the short break we'll see if margie can help becker I understand her fear and fear and your fear and how to live with that fear and maybe even laugh at it at least long enough to enjoy Halloween.

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