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Like the two minute drill was to go to buy two with Tom two to three by one formations, which means the receivers on one side to receivers on the other two to three by one is three receivers on one side one receiver on the back side. However, I was more comfortable three by one nation I just thought I saw on the field better. I like the row concept, so we immediately switched right off the Bat Josh. mcdaniels did as I started to play in going to the minute. We're just going to go three by one two three by one so smart adjustments like that then. As. We started to get going. You know. Ali is leader first few weeks a Lotta Slip Screens Excuse me. Get my confidence going some boots, those kind of things, but as we moved on in the season in progress, we naturally might mix maturation process within the system and playing more allowed me to grow, and then we kind of became that saint system that we had been in the past with Tom I. Think you had like you're GonNa? Like could you be? You probably were beating Tom and races pretty bad like if you. You to race at that point, you probably would been in pretty bad right would crush. Are you kidding me all right? Never been the most beautifully today you did. Did Josh find a way to use like your athletic and I'm not talking about broken plays, but like Josh, find a way to use your athleticism in a way. That maybe wouldn't have been to Tom Strength there's no. We definitely integrated more boots and get outside the. The pocket. Roll out sprint outs, those kind of plays that would get me outside the pocket and utilize one of my strengths at that point in my career was being able to move a little bit and have a little bit more speed in those kinds of things, so we definitely did that, and another great example of that was when Jacoby came in, and he played in that game against the colts on a short week. Week and you saw that they were doing the RPO's. In the, he had a great run down the sideline. Our belief for touchdown S I think, and so that was just another example of Josh, mcdaniels The adaptation that he makes throughout the course of a week to a player strengths and knows, but we can take advantage of this misguide strengths and utilize it by going out and changing and making subtle adjustments within the gameplay. How Long Do you think? Do you think that that that? Is that something they can do on like you know. What can't cameras been playing like? A lot of read option stuff. A lot of you know like you said a lot of rollout stuff. He's made a lot of plays obviously scramble drill to. Is that a pretty easy adjustment in your mind for Josh for bill to make the offense work for a Cam? Well I think it's going to take a little bit of time on task. You know and I think it's also going to be have to that open discussion with him, and because there's going to be plays and RPO's that he's been doing since college that he's more probably familiar with than maybe even a Josh mcdaniels who hasn't run that type of offense of structure for a long time or ever, and so it's going to be going out. Out and communicating with other coaches and understanding zone, read game and why they're doing those kind of things at the same time. Cam, Newton doesn't get enough credit. He's also a very good pocket passer. I mean he can fire the ball. He's got as good his arm as anybody in the league and I always remember watching him sitting there going. How did he just make that? Throw forty yards outfield like on a on an outcome like the. Post quarter out, so he can stay in the pocket if you want him to. At the same time you to be able to utilize some of those strengths that he has because it just you can dictate the pace to the defensive side of the ball offensively, and they can't cheat that way, and you get so many easy plays and easy. Five Yard scrambles are runs off RPO's where you don't block one individual. And then he's not in his gap, and they're not gap sound, and you make the cut back, and it just opens things up, and it allows for so much flexibility within that offense instructor. Well. You've mentioned like like you mentioned like what they did. Did for Randy right like and what they did for you like. Do you think like there's like a part of this? That like excites bill? You know and excites Josh like that are now. We gotta figure out a totally different way to do it and where I'm. Dave I mean they're obviously different defensively than they were ten or fifteen years ago when they sort of changed back and forth, and they've done a lot of, but because Tom's been the quarterback forever, they really haven't gone through that sort of evolution offensively. They've tweaks. They've changed some things. They've obviously kind of adapted to the Times really well, but we haven't seen this sort of more into something. Something completely different on offense like maybe we have a couple of times on defense. Do you think there's part of this that really Kinda like gets bill and Josh going? Where like now? They're like really like not that they weren't before, but like the really chomping at the bit to get going. Because this is, this is going to be totally different than what they've done. Right in the it adds so much strength, strength and opportunity to that offense, because of the fact that look when we watched New England for the past. However long you have to absolutely take into account the receivers in this, but you never take into tom running the ball or doing like. Like that will defense is now have to prepare for the running quarterback, the options the bootlegs the screens that go with it, and so you can't queue in on low. We'll if we just lockdown this guy and that guy like last year we were saying if Julian gets hurt. They're in trouble, but there's another athlete back there now. That is going to create a lot more options for them offensively, so they go into a game, and they see a weakness of the defensive end position or the outside linebackers coach..

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