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Not and Yeah that's been spent a good thing you know we went on. We went out on a saturday night and we had a little stuffed. Shouldn't have fucking eight. But i've been good all week but then and then me and my wife went to this place. I got the hiccups. Now and watch the conor mcgregor verse. Dustin pouria fight Which it sucked away and did. I was rooting for conor mcgregor. Because i really wanted Hate when oh on an older only thirty two but when an older great fighter loses hate that thing where all of these people on twitter who haven't had a fight since like fucking high like me over so you can ask me start talking shift to somebody like that. I just hate that or they. You know i always just feel like you know. Certain people seem like certain announces. You know they enjoy when the champ gets knocked off his throne. Because i think this is a lot of people that just can't handle like how bad ass like it's the most bad ass thing ever man or woman you just walk into a fucking arena to fight and you come out victorious. I don't give a fuck what anybody in the crowd did. Nobody is cooler than that. You know you gotta go to like somebody was like a war hero to beat that so you know. I don't know that was probably wasn't woke Said something about women there. I don't know anyway. So i was room for conor mcgregor. Plus i'm an old guy you know so i wanna see the older guy win. I'd like us emporia and figure this kid's got his whole career ahead of him. And then i realized oh fuck. He's thirty two also. It's kind of weird. So so then i bet with my wife i just i'll tell you right now. If you wanna fuck in sports system. I used to be able to call games for. I had kids. I could call. I just can't watch enough now. And i can't pick a i haven't i haven't picked up fucking the mush in bronx tale. I haven't picked a fucking winners i. I don't. I don't know when just right left. So i bet conor mcgregor. She bread dusted pori. And my wife hilarious when she watches the ufc. She is out when it starts getting signing. She gets out of her seat. And it's fucking walking around the room screaming at the tv like she fucking loses it. She's like nays knees elbows. Yes yes she just fucking she fucking goes crazy so we were in public places. She was doing that people laughing. It's just funny to see a woman do that if i do it. I'm just allow s. o. But she does. It's just like jesus christ sleep with one. Eye open their freckles. So anyway just sucked away. The fight ended the head end on like injury. I was kind of hoping. I wanted to see that second round to see what would have happened. Everybody seems like know what was going to happen. Whatever but all khanna was coming back or know. Dustin wood knocked him out. We don't know so actually felt bad for when he was sitting there. I know he's yellen all kinds of fucked up shit at dustin but it was just like you know what that's like to bitches is like how i can be a comedian until i fucking keel over with these guys have a window and it must feel as great to them to do what they do is it does for what i do and i can't imagine if my whole fucking stand up. Career was over thirty two now. What the fuck. I'm gonna do so. I felt like it was a little bit nad. Plus i think he was still trying to sell sell like the next fight. But she says christ. Your wife is in my. Tm's jay's at dustin said he was grabbing my gloves. he's a dirt bag. I mean that's the first time. I felt like i saw like because they usually say all kinds of crazy shit and then afterwards. They're so nice. That's the only time. I can remember where it sounded like prefight hype now either. The two of them are the greatest. You know promoters ever but I like people going. He went too far. You don't say things about his wife it's fucking talking about. They say all kinds of crazy like you know. He said he was going to murder me. We didn't say it was going to eat your children. He didn't say he was gonna fuck you until you love me. You know there's a lot much crazy. Shit has been set the nat we sell in the fight. A cell in the fight and he's conor mcgregor and if you fight you make up my fucking record. Crapped out on me to charge. What the hell was they talking about. Had to sit here and watch fucking i. Don't what the fuck. I was watching grizzly bears murderer and other animals. Those dumb fucks. I was talking about. How come barest you guys like. What the fuck we talk about now. Sorry like a half hour went by in my life. I just don't understand why bears don't know how to kill something quickly. Inefficiently fucking morons. This fucking just clampdown. They clamped down on the back.

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