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Vitamin c mike okay so there's a the recommended daily allowances about 100 milligrams and that's about the amount of vitamin c in an in a medium to large size orange and i look at people and i say okay so a hundred is what you need to not get scurvy how many oranges have you eaten in the last week and invariably the answer is less than five mike okay so we're already deficient just in the last week now think over the course of your lifetime how many days have you've gone without just just without an orange or any other vitamins see containing fruit or vegetables and they're like yet i don't know unlike okay so we need a hundred ten per day to not get scurvy what do you think we actually need for optimum health and they've blows their mind on my okay so let's think about this what if that heart disease that you have is is really more vat not having nearly enough vitamin c than it is at not having enough lipa tore in your system what if that cholesterol problem that you have is a a lipa toward deficiency it's actually a vitamin c deficiency because we have to have vitamin c to make sure the inside of our blood vessels are the healthiest that they can be and the inside of our blood vessels being inflamed is one of the biggest caused as for our coal our body to increase production of cholesterol because we're trying to heal the damage and light switches start coming on and people like oh my gosh i haven't thought about it that way my exactly and so one would imagine explained that no i mean and it took me what i it couldn't have taken me more than a minute and a half to explain that to them right answer so i mean yet even an even in a modern medical model in your five minute visit a minute and a half wasted on explaining to someone that how they need so much more vitamin c than they're.

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