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Five dollars a year five thousand. I'm sorry five thousand five thousand for one year. Ten thousand for two year contract. Bonus if you don't quit but they're they're tired of it and then there's the mandates on vaccination and it's it's it will listen to this with hospitals near capacity patients have to decide what operations take the highest priority dylan gervasi with kpmg. Insurance solutions sees patients with issues all the time. This virus spiking in different areas and unpredictable manner. It's kind of overwhelming healthcare systems. Some groups have delayed elective procedures entirely while others likely. Health are only offering a small limited amount. If you're elective procedure is still available. Experts recommend making the decision carefully. A really come down to individuals. Level of pain is a quality of life really being affected by the level of pain therein. Can you not you know. Live the quality life you wanna live and that's if so you would want to try to get that procedure done. This delay and procedures could cause cost of care to skyrock strategically plan operations and the expenses attached. I spending their medical deductible before going under the knife. John has without those health says if patients are forced to wait until after their benefits reset it could end up costing tens of thousands of dollars underpaying how long this goes right and how long it takes to reschedule on. Somebody's procedures might have a year where you're gonna have to appear next year. You might have some extra cost as you were planning on. I mean this is so so cynical. So because they furloughed a lot of people now. They're pushing away because they just don't have the staff they're turning away elective surgeries. you know. you may be scheduled for next year. And then then you're premature your copay deductible reset so you'd be outta crock. Dad is by the way. Well of course it could. That's that's all the operations or whatever. The procedure is really cost. You know you're eight thousand dollars. All the rest is gravy. People just live it up. So i i think this this collapse of the healthcare system is imminent and it's it's like everything else. D- it's turning out to be true kids with no experience can get a seventy five thousand dollars a year job in new york off the bat. People are are starving. Our dishwasher has been out for a week. it's a sensor or something. I don't know i've had three people say you know maybe in april time for you have to know show sued and and even these companies that are in the better business bureau listing. Everyone's it's the same story can't get anybody can't get anybody no one wants to work. That's that's that's what they're saying denigrate Socialist one will when it comes to healthcare. That's i mean people are not. I don't think that's being looked at seriously enough. This is this is all you hear. Is we're out of beds. Waterbeds cova cova code. Well the numbers show that it's not a bad problem. It's the staffing problem. And they don't wanna hire him back and so the ones that are there are worn out and wanna leave. Tell me that is and how can that be. Good management cool. Are these people running these these hospitals bean counters. I only have one final clip. It's a new guy on the scene. A new doctor to be taken seriously doctors. Who dare is what. I'm calling him. I have one clip to so before you can cut it. We give me a moment care now. My clip is kind of like visit combination. Covert biden clip. It's very strange. Okay doctors who care doctor roger hodkinson and he gives us. I left his credentials in upfront there impressive. I'm bill roggio. Hinson of freedom loving pathologists from canada. I'm a fellow of the american college of pathologists and the royals play. This is it this like two years old. Because i remember when this was first critiqued it was talking about three thousand deaths in the united states. Guy saw this clip to this guy. You're saying this is old. I get the impression as old because when disguised was making his rounds. I've never seen this guy before. I never seen it before. I'm the same thing. And then when i looking into him i found it. Date would dislodge old references. I n there's no date on that on. That cliff is a good clip kind of but and guys also his credentials are all very sketchy. I think this guy's a bulk rapper. Really well let's just listen to the credentials and let's go through the credentials. And then we decide if we listened to him to do his credentials. He's a pathologist and we go find delta roger hinson of freedom loving pathologists from canada. I'm a fellow of the american college of pathologists and the royal college of physicians and surgeons of canada my medical degrees from cambridge university in the uk. And i've held a number significant positions including being an assistant professor at the university of all buddha presidents of the association of physicians of all buddha chairman of the canadian examination board in pathology ceo of a launch community laboratory and currently. I'm the chairman of an american biotechnology company involved in dna sequencing to. What do you think she'll well the last thing. They can't find any evidence for his. There's a dropbox and the one before the last one was also also sketchy. It see know this. I thought he was new so i didn't. I didn't know that this was old. So i'd rather drop it if you think it's not worth the. I think it should be dropped. Its count i think but it reminds. It's interesting in that it might be counter programming. And i'm wondering how many of these are out there. Through the one on the last show and i found out about that guy and i wanted to mention that because I got a lot of. He's real man. He's real okay. So he's written twenty six books every single one of them most were published in two thousand nineteen thousand twenty..

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