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And we've seen rural do that. And we've seen Joe Brady do that. And that's why I like that group a lot better than I like a guy like Stefanski or a guy like Lafleur or guy like Shanahan because what they have works if it works really well. The conditions are right, but the conditions aren't always right. We've seen Brady in rural adapt and that's why I liked the Panthers coming into this season. Obviously, you know, there's only so much adapting you can do when you lose a player like Christian McCaffrey. Three with him one and four without him and speaks for himself. But, you know, you talk about kind of being surprised about that. And I'm not because even with burrow at LSU, I mean, they adapted they still threw the ball a ton, but they never threw the ball the same like you wouldn't see two games where they're really using the same carbon copy strategy. You see that even more ecology doing the NFL. Joe Brady's not somebody who's afraid to deviate from what he knows if it's going to help him win a football game. And we talked about Bill being the ultimate game plan coach. And I think that's a huge reason for success. I think that gets undersold all the time. How much of a game plan coach Bill Belichick truly is? Maybe the purest example of a game plan coach leagues ever seen. And they're facing another game plan team this week. Yeah, Matt Matt rose been pretty impressive. I mean, the record hasn't necessarily yet but he hasn't really had the quarterback. But I a 100% agree with you that he feels like the type of guy that is adjusting and adapting to his personality. And the one thing that you mentioned missing a guy like McCaffrey, the record speaks for itself, but also their passing game production has absolutely gone in the tank since Christian McCaffrey got hurt. And if you watch their first couple of weeks with McCaffrey on the field, it's not just him catching the football out of the backfield. It's also the gravity of Christian McCaffrey being on the field. There are so many instances that I could pull up from the first two weeks where two or three guys converge to Christian McCaffrey and it leaves somebody else open down the field or it leaves DJ Moore one on one with space or leaves Robbie Anderson on a vertical because everybody is so keyed on CMC. And once you take that out of your offense, now defenses are applying resources to Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore. And they're coming after Sam darnold because they don't have to worry about the back out of the backfield. And the running game has pretty much stayed steady without McCaffrey. They're exactly the same running team with McCaffrey as they happen without. But they're passing numbers have absolutely gone into the tank since McCaffrey left the lineup because of that injury. It's kind of weird. They have averaged 4.1 rushing yards per attempt with McCaffrey and 4.1 rushing yards per attempt without McCaffrey. Two hubbards, giving them the exact same production. But in the passing game, there is a complete difference in their production in that side of things. I mean, you remember me during the draft. I was a big I'm still a big trooper guy like me. I think he's.

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